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Monday, 29 March 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 4th and 5th January 1998

Deirdre's world was in tatters now that she knew all about Jon's double life.  She tried to tell Linda about her husband's duplicity but she told Deirdre she'd call the police; he'd told her Deirdre was a stalker.  Jon suggested to his wife that they take the kids away to escape her.  Deirdre, meanwhile, got angry; she decided to get her five grand back by withdrawing the daily limit on Jon's credit card until she had the lot.  Janice realised Leanne had gone up to Scotland with Nicky and angrily confronted Gail.  The Platts were angry enough in the first place, but things got even worse when Audrey suggested they'd fled to Gretna Green to get married.  Nick and Leanne were enjoying themselves playing husband and wife to the outrageously stereotyped prim Scottish B&B landlady and decided to do it for real. (Nicky Tilsley Shirtless Count total: 2).  Spider and Toyah mobilised against the Red Rec redevelopment, deciding to chain themselves to the Town Hall railings in protest.  However, their practice run on Emily's banisters went wrong when they left the keys in the front room, so they were trapped in the hall and missed the meeting altogether.  Elsewhere, Sally was unhappy to see Natalie at the garage, and Liz started work at the factory as a machinist.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 7th and 9th January 1998

The Millennium Bowl received planning permission.  The protesters decided to make their actions personal and set up a tent on the front lawn of Grasmere Drive.  Spider and Roy camped out overnight, with Emily revealing a surprise talent for playing the didgeridoo, outraging the Roberts.  Audrey called the police and the Gazette to get rid of them, but the reporter wasn't interested - until she took the law into her own hands and tried to move the protesters herself.  The reporter, incidentally, was played by Ian Kershaw, now better known as a writer on the show and the husband of Julie Hesmondhalgh.  Nicky (NTSC total: 3) and Leanne discovered that they needed two weeks notice before they could marry so they returned to the Street.  Gail predictably went ballistic, accusing him of being sly and underhand in a way he never used to be.  She blamed Leanne but personally I think the change of head mucked him up.  Deirdre admitted to Ken that her wedding was off, but refused to elaborate on the details.  

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 11th and 12th January 1998

Zoe was bored.  It turned out being a mum was really tiring so she got Toyah to babysit so she could go out clubbing with Ashley.  Fred thought she was taking the mickey but couldn't think how to get rid of her.  She ended up staying out all night on her own, worrying Ashley who thought she'd had an accident.  It turned out she'd kipped at a mate's and had a high old time.  Alf and Audrey ended up on the front page of the Gazette, much to their embarrassment, but Alf connived with his councillor mate to bring an end to the protest; they'd chop all the trees on the Red Rec down now so they couldn't be preserved.  They didn't realise that Spider was taking the battle there.  Ken tried to talk to Deirdre to find out what had happened with Jon but she simply said they'd rowed and separated.  She went to take her daily allocation of Jon's money, but was shocked when her card was swallowed by the machine.  What she didn't know was that the bank account's real owner, Jon's airline mate Ian, had queried the mysterious amounts being withdrawn - and had been shocked to learn of a second card holder called Deirdre Rachid.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 16th January 1998

Deirdre went to the bank manager to ask for her card back.  She told her all about Jon's duplicity, not realising that they were talking about Ian instead.  The bank called the police and she was taken in for questioning.  Deirdre offered to give back the money but was told that wasn't enough; worse, Jon had disappeared.  The police searched the house because it turned out Ian's account was paying for a mortgage in her name.  Mike bailed her out, and Ken offered her a roof over her head, but Deirdre was understandably distraught at being so entangled in Jon's deceptions.  Zoe was sick of Ashley acting like a responsible adult and expressing concern for her well-being and fled to a hostel.  He worried about her safety but Maud told him to write her off.  Les got a job, at last, as a security guard at the Red Rec, tasked with stopping the protesters.  Janice let slip to Toyah that the council were knocking it down early and she realised that she'd have to ramp up her actions with Spider.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 19th January 1998

Ashley went to the hostel and asked Zoe to come back with him.  She agreed, but Fred was disgusted to see her back in number 4.  He argued with Ashley and when he realised it was a lost cause decided to sell the house out from under them.  Des proposed marriage to Samantha, and while she said yes, she reminded him she was still married to Ritchie.  She worried that he'd refuse to give her a divorce to be awkward.  The protest at the Red Rec got serious.  Spider began digging tunnels under the trees, while Emily and Roy enthusiastically took up the battle.  Les was angry to see Toyah with them and tried to drag her away, accusing Spider of brainwashing her, but Janice had better luck taking her home.  Deirdre moped around number 1, wondering what was going to happen to her.  The police finally got in touch.  They were charging her with fraud, deception and theft - so she could possibly end up in prison...

If you've got Judy Mallett's phone number please send it to me via Twitter @merseytart.  I want to tell her to shut the hell up about bleeding Katie.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 weekday afternoons and is also on the ITV Hub.

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TOTP Glam King Archiver said...

I can confirm ITV3 are showing the new corrected episodes of 'Corrie on Easter Monday morning and Tuesday morning, meaning it isn't on in the Good Friday afternoon and Easter Monday afternoon slot due to a bunchy repeats of Carry On movies.

Having checked the information for these, they're only getting a "morning" showing on ITV3 and some people will have to record it through their Sky Q box to watch them same goes for the Emmerdale episodes being shown on Easter Monday and Tuesday (next week) only rival soap Classic EastEnders on Drama are still continuing to be shown on Good Friday and Easter Monday at 1pm for some reason as we're are nearing to them into 1997 and Casualty (so far) has only got up to January 2006.

As Corrie is now already up to January 1998 with the Hayley Patterson (later Cropper) as the soap's first transgender character is introduced in this week's upcoming repeats, as Julie Hesmondhalgh told on Twitter that her husband played a news reporter in last week's episodes, so also the famous 'Weatherfield One' storyline is coming up in the next couple of weeks.

I can confirm ITV3 aren't showing any horse racing on Easter Monday (instead, they get the awful bunch of repeated Carry On movies) same with Good Friday afternoons, only ITV4 are showing horse racing as its the Irish Grand National making its return to terrestrial television, but i've already seen that ITV3 are showing a sign-language version of their Corrie omnibus at midnight from last night along with its other soap Emmerdale, so they're doing the same from next week onwards (as repeats of A Touch of Frost have been axed in the late-night Sunday slot, that i've noticed!)


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