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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Fiz fights Alina after Tyrone affair? Corrie blog interview with Jennie McAlpine

No. 9 Coronation Street. An address synonymous with the matrimonial bliss of Jack & Vera? - hardly! However, the longest-lasting marriage on the street was for most times, harmonious, giving a warm and welcoming home to a surrogate son, Tyrone Dobbs. After the Duckworth's deaths, Tyrone had no luck with Molly, nor Kirstie, but has set up a loving family home with Fiz Brown, and their respective daughters,  having bought the house from Jack. 

Just lately though, the unwed Tyrone seems to be showing signs of a mid-life crisis, and a growing friendship with Alina Pop. Jokingly, Fiz has chastised Tyrone about the awkward flirtation, but what if temptation becomes too much? Is Tyrone about to start an affair with Alina? 

For our latest online Corrie press day conference, this blog zoomed in for a chat with Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz, to talk more about it; 

Q-Do you feel like Fiz and Tyrone have lost their spark? 

JM - “Well, Fiz certainly doesn’t think so! She feels like everything is okay, with the kids, Evelyn and the dog. She’s happy I think and has everything she’s ever wanted - she’s settled”

Q -This week, we see Tyrone slap down the idea of getting married to Fiz. How does that make her Fiz feel? 

JM- “She thinks they’ve never gotten married simply because they’ve not got around to it. Tyrone says that he doesn’t like the wedding idea, and she’s quite shocked. Fiz fancies a Greek wedding along the theme of ‘Mamma Mia’ but Tyrone then drops this bombshell”

Q - Tyrone tells Fiz he has feelings for Alina, can you tell us how this comes about? 

JM- “Fiz jokes about Tyrone having a crush on Alina until there is a moment when he admits to wanting to spend time with Alina and wanting to be somewhere else. He says he thinks he has lost the spark with Fiz. He could be having a mid-life crisis!”

Q- Fiz decides to then confront Alina. Can you tell us how that comes about? 

JM - “Tyrone and Fiz try to be civil with each other and get past it but then Fiz sees Alina out on the street and takes her to Roy’s rolls, mutual ground so to speak, for a chat about the situation. I say chat but it’s more of a threatening monologue! She thinks, well if that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will! She warns Alina off and tells Tyrone to take up cycling or something, instead. She’s done her bit. It’s 18 pages of a script which is quite long, so a privilege to do”

Q - Who do you think would win in a fight between Fiz and Alina? 

JM - “Well, in the scene we did at Roy’s Rolls, this is Fiz saying to Alina, if this fight was to happen, Fiz would win the fight. She may have mellowed but she still has that fight in her”

Q - Do you want Fiz and Tyrone to stay together? 

JM - “Yes, yes I do! I love working in that house, working with Alan Halsall (who plays Tyrone) and shouting at Alan! They’re also many scenes where it shows they are fond of each other, they like each other. And where would Fiz live? I don’t want to move out again! It’s pretty humiliating for Fiz and I do feel sorry for her!”

Q - Do you think Fiz and Tyrone are the modern-day Jack and Vera or more like Sally and Kevin? 

JM - They could be more like Sally and Kevin -It is possible, yes, but not good for me keeping the house, is it! No, in answer to the question there is no modern-day Jack and Vera because they were that iconic couple. Although the Dobbs live in that house, it is still the Duckworth’s, with the bar and their living room table, still in situ. The comparison is sweet but I don’t buy it”

Q- 2021 is your 20th year in Coronation Street, do you have a favourite storyline or scene? 

JM - “It is so hard to pick just one! It’s easy to say that its the story you are doing at the moment but the writing has been brilliant and with the restrictions, and the crazy times we are going through, they’ve done an amazing job. Also, the John Stape story - I’ll never forget that”


This is promises to be a major storyline that plays out throughout 2021 on Coronation Street. 

What are your thoughts? Is Tyrone having a mid-life crisis? Will the fall-out see Fiz finding another fella on the cobbles? Are Tyrone and Alina about to become the newest cobbles couple? 

Stay tuned to this blog for more revealing cast interviews! 


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