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Monday, 15 March 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd December 1997

Jack wanted to get in on Alec's male escort business, thinking it was a sure fire way of spending his evening with saucy young babes.  He intercepted one of Ken's appointments and turned up in his place - but instead of the nymphet he expected, it was comedy legend and future Ena Sharples Lynda Barron in a bright red wig.  She dragged him up to her suite and tried to get him into the jacuzzi with her but he fled in fear wearing only a dressing gown.  Alec was furious that Jack had undermined his business.  Des got the police round over his broken window but the police had no evidence it was Les.  Janice went round to number 6 and begged them to leave him alone; when Des revealed Les had been after Samantha, she returned in a rage.  However, Les told her that Sam was after him and, somewhat bafflingly, Janice believed him, and had a go at her in the pub.  Tracy and Blanche arrived for Deirdre's housewarming party (though sadly Tracy's husband "Bobby" couldn't make it).  They were thrilled with the house, with Blanche in particular being impressed by the three toilets, and they thought Jon was great.  The whole neighbourhood gathered for the do, even Ken, after Tracy persuaded him to attend (though she did call Daniel "David" and Ken didn't correct her - he's already forgotten that boy exists).  Jon announced at the party that they'd set a date for the wedding, January 29th, which came as a surprise to Deirdre.  Sally and Chris continued their affair though she insisted it remain a secret.  However they were spotted having a meal together by Steve and his new girlfriend.  Sally worried that things were getting too heavy and said she wanted to keep their relationship casual.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 7th December 1997

The Malletts squeezed most of the Street in their tiny little house to celebrate Katie's christening.  (Missing from the invite list was Audrey, who pretended she was totally fine with this).  However, there was a ghost at the feast in the form of Zoe, who appeared with a present.  Gary kicked her out but it ruined the festive mood.  Once everyone had left Gary suggested they move to his brother's in Newcastle.  Des left the party and was jumped by some bloke.  Les rescued him and patched him up.  Samantha spotted his assailant - it was her ex-husband Richie, aka Shaun Dooley, and she realised he was the one who'd smashed their windows.  She told him there was no hope of her loving him and sent him on his way.  Lynda Barron arrived at the Rovers with Jack's discarded shoe, wanting to get her money's worth out of her escort.  Vera came home in the midst of her groping him and kneed him in the knackers.  Natalie took some crates into the ginnel and spotted Chris and Sally snogging.  She then interrogated Rosie and Sophie and found he was a regular visitor to number 13.  

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 9th and 10th December 1997

Vera leafed through Alec's escort portfolio and decided to go on an evening out with one of the men.  She put on a posh voice and a fake name but Alec knew it was her straight away and sent Jack round as the escort.  The two of them bellowed at one another in the restaurant and she ended up pouring the ice bucket down his trousers.  Audrey was enjoying working in the salon and when Maxine hinted that Fiona might not fancy working there on her return she decided to buy the business herself.  Alf was less keen, until Gail pointed out that if she was earning her own money she wouldn't be spending his.  Maxine didn't fancy the idea, and her bad day got worse when she returned home and found Zoe there.  Ashley had taken pity on her and offered her the spare room.  She told him Zoe would have to go.  

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th December 1997

Chris bought some presents for Rosie and Sophie, much to Sally's dismay, because she saw him as a bit on the side and not a potential life partner.  She ended things between them.  Natalie felt sick in the Rovers and Kevin had to take her home, which meant he missed Rosie's nativity play.  Rosie wouldn't forgive him for missing her zeitgeist changing role as a star.  Ashley refused to turf Zoe out onto the streets so Maxine left him.  She spotted Gary loading furniture into the back of a van and demanded to see Katie.  He let her hold the baby.  Fiona returned from her time away and immediately told Audrey she wasn't selling the salon.  Elsewhere Les suggested a bit of wife swapping with Samantha and Des - excuse me, I was just sick in my mouth - and the Underworld girls got bladdered in the Rovers for their Christmas do.

FRIDAY - Episode originally broadcast 15th December 1997

Zoe realised that Gary and Judy were moving away and taking the baby with them.  While their front door was open she managed to sneak in and snatch Katie away.  Gary and Judy hammered on the door and screamed for her to be returned, but Zoe refused - she wanted the baby back.  Ashley let them in to talk but things got heated and he suggested phoning the police to let them sort things out which soon drove them away.  Zoe took the baby to see its real dad, Andrew Knott as Liam, and announced she was now called Shannon.  They left the baby in a squat while they went for a pint.  The Underworld girls went to the Warwick Hotel to continue their Christmas do, and Ida ran into an old boyfriend, Jump Jackson.  He pretended he was too young to have been her childhood sweetheart but when Les spotted Jump snogging Janice he knocked his wig off and hit the manager.  The manager - Billy Boswell from Bread - blamed Liz because she knew the girls and fired her.  Kevin gave the girls a bath to make up for skipping the nativity and realised what he was missing.  He told Sally he wanted to come back, but she said wanting the family life back wasn't the same as wanting her.  He returned to Natalie and said he never loved her and he wanted Sally back.  She told him Sally didn't feel the same because she'd been schtupping Chris all this time.  Furious, he confronted him in the Street, and smacked him about, then told Sally that even though he'd left Natalie he wouldn't get back with her because she was a trollop.  Apparently he has literally no concept of shame.  And Emily got a knock on her door from her long lost nephew Geoffrey - also known as Spider.  

@merseytart has a feeling that when Christmas comes next week, it won't be very merry.

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