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Monday, 22 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 22nd March

Want to hear my theory on this Fiz/Alina/Tyrone love triangle? I think the point of it is to marry off Fiz and Ty (Fyrone? Tiz?) but before the happy day, to put a whole load of obstacles in the way (as an aside, such a shame Evelyn isn't there to scold Tyrone). Anyway, Fiz is deep into wedding planning whilst Ty is deep into, erm, thinking about Alina and her pink cardigan (not a euphemism). Chesney tells Fiz to "press on" with the arrangements and never mind that Gary has form for beating up people who owe him dough. Actually he doesn't say that bit, as everyone's forgotten about the £600. 

Meanwhile, both Abi and human man-bun Seb have worked out that Tyrone likes Alina and Alina likes Tyrone. Fiz doesn't know any of this, so does indeed press on, revealing her plans for a Hellenic wedding to Tyrone whose face drops to his feet. Mamma Mia! Fiz wants an explanation and Ty says their relationship is treading water and things are on repeat. That's lockdown, Tyrone! He says they're content but not happy and then confesses that he's thinking of Alina when he wakes up in the morning. Fiz calls him a "pathetic middle-aged bloke", which seems fair. Later, he finds Fiz in the cafe and profusely apologises and says Fiz and the (long-absent) girls mean everything to him and they tentatively make up, although it doesn't look like it's what anybody really wants.

Meanwhile in the house flat of pain, Leanne is both unkeen on Nick moving back into his own flat and also unkeen on Natasha, Nick and little Sam playing happy families and she makes caustic remarks about pyjamas. She's got other stuff on her mind though - she's sitting in Nick's car counting her drug money when a copper knocks on the window. He's only asking about car jackings though and then directs her to the M60. White privilege, hey! Jambo from Hollyoaks tells her that she's passed her trial period and he's moving her onto bigger deals as she has a "nice face" and looks trustworthy. Leanne sinks to even lower depths, stealing Aggie's uniform off the line (!) in order to go around looking like a nurse (!!) to avoid arousing suspicions (!!!). And no disrespect to Aggie, but Leanne takes a different dress size.

We need to talk about Cathy. Controversial, but I can believe Cathy's involvement in the trolling story. What I find hard to believe is Tracy's unpleasantness. OK, Tracy has long ben a nasty little madam, but she turned down Cathy's offers of fundraising because - what? She didn't like her mood board? I'd've liked to see another scene in which, say, she asked Steve for a romantic lockdown meal and he turned her down because he had to train for his charity run, and then she got in a strop. I also don't understand Beth's egging on of Cathy - she and Tracy used to be besties. Again, a scene in which she invited Tracyluv to the pub and she turned Beth down, leaving her snidey. [Edit: it's been pointed out in the comments that it was Bernie egging on Cathy and not Beth. My bad].

But what did happen to the original fundraising? They were aiming for £50K - did all of that go on the lawyer? And surely anyone who donated wouldn't have minded Leanne taking a small slice to pay her leccy bills. But I can well believe the desire to "take someone down a peg or two". Whenever anyone gets any publicity, even for something tragic and awful, someone will attack them.

Anyhoo, Amy enlists super sleuth Aadi to find the "lemondrop" who posted the comments on the Gazette website and also the Weatherfield Weathervane ("where local matters matter") and Amy concludes that it's Brian. Mr Packham does the first (?) unselfish deed of his life and takes the fall for Cathy after i) someone spray paints "TROLL" on the Kabin and ii) Cathy 'fesses up.

Meanwhile the Welsh Alan Sugar is back with his LinkedIn inspirational BS, trying to bribe Sean with thoughts of a city centre flat with plastic grass. Daisy overhears and says she'll help Sean sell make-up and speak at conference because she "likes ripping people off".

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Fluttershy said...

That was it, the worst Corrie has ever been. I thought last week's shenanigans with the Baileys was bad, but that entire scene with Fiz and Tyrone was appalingly bad. Badly written, unrealistic, unbelievable, God bless Jennie Mcalpine and Alan Halsall for trying their best but they couldn't polish that turd. Utterly awful in every way, I've seen better in primary school nativity plays.

Charles said...

It wasn't Beth that egged Cathy on, it was Bernie. Beth hasn't been in the show recently as I believe the actress is shielding.

I do agree though, Tracy's reaction seems extreme for the (relatively) softer version of the character we've been seeing recently.

Charles said...

Absolutely loved the scenes of Aadi and Amy tonight, they're a good little comedic pair. I hope to see more of them together (as friends, let's not throw an unnecessary romance into the mix)

Anonymous said...

Amy is turning into a clone of her mum, nasty and unforgiving.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about the Fiz/Tyrone scene. I thought Fiz played it really well, pointing out what lay ahead for Tyrone as a result of his mid life crisis. He hadn't thought of anyone but himself or the consequences of his
actions. I thought it was a measured approach from Fiz who hit home with her comments

Sharon boothroyd said...

The Fiz and Tyrone scenes -I felt they were well written and well acted, but not well directed.
The actors raced though their lines at breakneck speed, when they've reached an in- depth emotional crossroads about their future.
A slower pace would have left more impact. We're just trying to absorb that when we're whisked off to Amy and Aadi or Lee-anne and Simon!
Yes, Evelyn would have told Tyrone off, but my guess is Maureen Lipman has asked to take a break, as Maureen's partner/ husband has sadly passed away.
It's the same situation with Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey.


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