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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 2nd September 7.30 pm

Continuing to engage in his machiavellian pursuit of Alya, Geoff's narcissism and general demeanour have finally got under her skin. Yasmeen may be fighting fit now and ready for the trial, but what with the booze delivery and his unwarranted offer to buy her out of the restaurant, Alya is ready to rage! Tim’s return to the street gives Geoff an excuse to twist the truth and get under his son’s skin but Tim (nice but dim) now seems to be losing equilibrium, paying little attention to his Dad’s supposed ‘woe is me’ attitude.  Psychologically speaking, Geoff is displaying classic signs of displacement here, and I would guess that seeing Tim become more despondent, Alya is the next best plaything. His veiled threat is surely a promise...

Daniel’s rather sad obsession with Sinead-a-like, Nicky, is slowly becoming public knowledge, and even with him paying her for services (albeit not intimate) it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to hide it - good on him! I imagine Tracey will tease him for it, but Ray, however, is a little more threatening. I find the bistro boss quite intriguing and I do wonder about his previous dealings with Nicky. Let’s not forget his pervy behaviour with Michelle, Alya, and Bethany. I think there is more to come to from that past story arc? Ignoring the threat, Daniel decides to meet Nicky again for a reconciliation. Can we see these two having a romance together? 

Talking of which, Shona's (slow) recovery, has been helped rather than hindered by this pandemic I think. Whether that was planned or not, I’m unsure, but seeing her slowly reawaken to her life on Coronation Street, whilst having absolutely no filter at all, is having a certain salve quality for me. Prompted by Nina, its nice to see Shona coming round to David’s obvious devotion and The Cure’s seminal ‘in-between days’ playing on Roy’s transistor radio was a wonderful touch. The scene at Maxine’s bench was a bit surreal, but I guess it was literal to drive home how brain injuries can change personality entirely, so they are forgiven! 

With Dev down in the dumps over the business books, Asha is front of house at Prima Doner and is visited by Corey who published that mucky video of her that went viral. Is she looking for revenge or heading down the wrong path, again? I doubt Dev needs the stress, has he furloughed Evelyn? If Dev is having trouble, maybe he could go into business with Alya and help her with ‘Speed Daal' as she may need help. Geoff giving ALL of the staff the night off is the promise from that veiled threat he delivered earlier. Is Geoff about to get Alya arrested for (un-characteristic) violence, too? With Tim as a witness, this could get interesting. 

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Laura B said...

With his money troubles, and the fact he owns a corner shop, why would his kids go to the cafe for breakfast and waste precious money? It's ridiculous to say the least.

Tilly Flop said...

Because that's what kids do! That would only highlight his problems to them and it looks like he wants to keep his financial woes under wraps

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't find Shona's storyline very convincing? Like I get the show's trying to make a point of her acting inappropriately because of her brain injury, but come on, is this seriously how someone would behave?
I'm just not buying it. Maybe it's the acting, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Do you know anybody who had actually been in Shona's situation after a brain injury? Do you know that her behaviour is wrong? Corrie really do their research with topics like this. They would be rightfully criticised if her behaviour was wrong from agencies and organisations that deal people who have been through the things like this

Anonymous said...

I agree. Something about Shona’s behaviour from her brain injury feels very off and forced. I don’t know if it’s the acting or it being a love storyline, but it doesn’t feel convincing


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