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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Rachel Leskovac Interview: Natasha, Nick and their secret son

So how does it feel to be back?
It’s pretty much 10 years since Natasha left in the back of a taxi heartbroken and in some respects it feels like I’ve never been away because so many of the cast and crew are still there. It feels like I’m being welcomed back into the family which is such a lovely feeling. I’m incredibly happy to be back on the cobbles.
Can you give us a hint as to why Natasha is back?
It’s a chance meeting between Natasha and Nick, she’s in the hospital car park, she drops her purse and Nick being the gentleman he is picks it up not knowing it’s her then there’s this big dramatic movement of ‘Nick!’ ‘Natasha!’ which was good fun to film. She’s certainly not engineered it in any way, it’s just a chance meeting.
We discover Natasha has a son, Sam, how does Nick react to hearing that?
Inside the hospital Nick overhears a conversation about her having a son and the fact she didn’t mention it when he bumped into her makes Nick start asking questions. He asks her about it, he looks at her social media before realising he could be the father of her son.
Why has Natasha kept this from Nick?
I think in her mind she’s found happiness elsewhere, she went through a lot before she left in the back of that taxi. I think it was just too raw to go there at first, since then she’s done a lot of work on herself emotionally and decided they don’t need him in their life, they are ok and she’s just thrown herself into being the best mum that she can be. They’re really close, Sam’s a real bright spark and she’s obviously worked really hard to support him. I don’t think she’s kept it from Nick for a malicious reason, I just don’t think she felt like she needed him.
How does Natasha respond to Sam suddenly asking about his dad?
Now that Sam’s asking questions she’s trying to be as transparent as she can be about it, he deserves to know the truth so that’s where she’s at now. 
Now the cat is out of the bag do you think Natasha wants Nick to be part of Sam’s life?
Yes but she’s very firm in saying to him this has to be for keeps. She makes it very clear at the start that if he’s serious about meeting him then it needs to be for keeps.
So how does Natasha feel when she hears about Oliver and why Nick’s at the hospital?
It’s heartbreaking that such a young boy has got this life limiting condition but as a parent it’s got that extra edge to it, you can put yourself in their shoes and it’s just an unthinkable tragedy. Natasha really feels for Leanne and Nick. The fact that Leanne is losing a son as Nick gains one makes it a really interesting juxtaposition and hopefully will play out really dramatically on screen.
Is Natasha back to cause trouble between Nick and Leanne?
No, despite Gail’s initial thoughts, Natasha isn’t here to get between Nick and Leanne or steal anyone’s man, she was over that a long time ago. Natasha’s now a confident, successful businesswoman who owns a couple of salons. She’s done a lot of work on herself and she’s not the vulnerable, emotionally immature girl we saw 10 years ago.
How has it been back working with Ben Price and Jane Danson?
Amazing, they’re just such pros and so welcoming. It is nerve wracking going back after so long but the pair of them are just so easy to work with that I loved it from the very first scene. I feel there’s a genuine chemistry there which is great.
What other work have you been doing while you’ve been away?
I’ve been lucky enough to work quite a lot with Sally Wainwright who’s an absolute legend. Recently I did Last Tango in Halifax with the amazing Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, working with those guys you learn so much. I did a stint on Hollyoaks which was fun. Happy Valley, I loved that, and a great show I did for the BBC called WPC 56 which was set in the 50s so the costumes I got to wear were incredible.
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Anonymous said...

I think to have Natasha return with Nick's son in tow now while Leanne and Nick are struggling to come to terms with Oliver possibily dying sooner rather than later is in very bad taste by the writers.
The storyline is sad and difficult to watch now but it will be worse seeing Nick possibly dump Leanne and Ollver in favor of Natasha and his son.
It will be even more sickening when Gail finds out about her 'golden grandson'and show more interest in him than Oliver and her other grandchildren.


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