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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Jack P Shepherd interview: David, Shona and the sinkhole

How is David’s relationship with Shona progressing, does he think they can ever get back to where they were before?
He hopes so but maybe not to exactly where they were before, they’re having to start over again and get to know each other from scratch. But from the conversations they’ve been having there is a connection there again. She’s spending a lot more time at the Platts and they are getting on, she can be a bit all over the place but David’s quite liking getting to know her again.

There is an incident when he leaves her alone with Lily this week, does it make David question the future?
The way she acts at times can be quite stressful, because of the effects of her injury it’s almost like looking after another child at times. He’ll shout at her, especially after the incident with Lily, then when he sees how upset she is he quickly remembers it’s not her fault and he’s quick to say it’s all going to be alright, don’t worry, I still love you, we’ll get through this. Then when he’s on his own reality sets in and he wonders how they are actually going to get through this.

Do you think he would ever give up on her?
Possibly, if something drastic did happen, especially to one of his kids, then he may seriously have to think about their future and come to terms with the fact that he’s never going to get his marriage back. But at the minute he’s still persisting and trying to find a way.

Is there still a spark there?
That’s the weird thing, she’s suggesting they be intimate and go to bed together but David doesn’t want to jump to that yet, he wants to take things slowly and build up to that then it really counts for something. He wants it to be all about love rather than just lust.

How does David feel when he realises Shona knows he is having doubts?
When he gets wind of her saying she’s going to leave the street he says please don’t go, I’m sorry, I’m the one who’s in the wrong here. He persuades her to put her bags down and come round for a BBQ, then if she still wants to go after that then so be it.

He plans a BBQ at the Platts, what happens?
Shona’s on the trampoline bouncing around like a kid, David’s getting stressed trying to sort food, he storms off then he hears a big bang and it turns out the trampoline has fallen down a massive big sinkhole. Luckily no one was on it at the time but suddenly a 40 foot sinkhole has opened up in the Platts back garden! 

How does he feel when he gets the news that they need to find somewhere else to live as the sinkhole has made the house unstable?
A guy from the water company comes round and tells them how substantial the hole is, the house is now potentially unstable and they’re going to have to move out while it’s in this state. They’re going to go to Audrey’s then Ray Crosby offers them his hotel for free and they think what a great guy. David’s mind is a bit blown, his main concern is getting it fixed but he knows it’s going to be expensive and he can’t afford it right now.

This is the latest in a long line of problems for David, can he take much more?
He’s really stressed, one week he’s looking at moving his wife in, the next week he’s moving out and might be losing everything. He’s having a really tough time!

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maggie muggins said...

Anyone remember the hole that Fred Elliot fell in when he went to put a statue in Audrey's garden?


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