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Monday, 7 September 2020

Shona’s New Normal! Corrie blog interview with Julia Goulding

I think we can all agree that last Christmas seems like a lifetime ago, now. A lot has happened and the world has turned upside down. A ‘new normal’ is something we are all aiming towards, and in the world of Weatherfield, Shona Ramsay is also returning to a new normal following her festive shooting, coma, and brain injury! In the second part of this three-part Autumn ‘Back to Six’ press day, we interviewed actress Julia Goulding who told us all about playing the new version of Shona Platt!

Q - Tell us how it’s been playing the ‘new’ Shona?

A - It has been a lot of fun! It’s very rare to suddenly play a completely different character in a long-running soap. We’ve done a lot of research about brain injuries but we learnt that the symptoms are malleable. At first, with her remembering absolutely nothing, and where we are now in filming, what we will see on screen is post-lockdown and she’s got to know the family again. Now we are in post lockdown and she’s not got a filter, that can get her into all kinds of trouble. As serious as the injury is, we are now able to have a little bit of fun with it. 

Q - How do you get into the mindset of playing her, now?

- It’s really strange, actually. It’s so hard to not slip back into character like I was before. Even when we are on the studio floor and filming with the director, I keep having to remind myself that Shona doesn’t know the Platt family history, so to work based on no knowledge of any of that, it’s quite refreshing but its also been quite hard. In terms of the character, the writing kind of speaks for itself and its been so good. 

Q- Do you enjoy playing the new Shona? 

- It's weird because we are now living in this new normal. Post lockdown and everything, and it is kind of like I’m getting used to playing the new Shona as well, so I don’t know. When I’ve been playing her a bit longer I’ll be able to give you a better answer.

Q - Do you think she still loves David or is it because, deep down, she still wants to? 

- She genuinely has no recollection of him nor the love she felt for him. It’s very much about getting to know each other again, and learning who he is, and falling back in love with him. We are starting to see a return to that a bit. David hasn’t changed so she can fall back in love with him again quite easily, its just Shona that has changed so its harder for him to fall back on love with her, actually. She’s changed but he hasnt. 

Q - If things didn’t work out for David and Shona, is there anybody else you could see her with?

A - At the moment, no not really!  I have said before, in previous interviews, that I would love to work more with Sally Carmen (Abi) whether that would be a relationship or best mates, they are quite similar characters, but I think Shona is made for David. 

Q - Can you tease us on what’s coming up in the next few weeks? We have heard that there may be a sinkhole appearing in the Platt back garden...

 - Yeah! So, Shona’s been developing a really good relationship with Nina, Roy’s niece, and they are living together and things. They head over to the Platt’s for a BBQ and Shona is obsessed with Lilly’s trampoline, she just wants to bounce on it, and she’s really frustrating David. They head back inside, and all of sudden they hear this massive rumble. Heading back into the garden, there is some mild intensity and they suddenly see this huge gaping sinkhole appear. Shona is completely non-plussed by it though! 

In our next we interview we chat to Sally Carmen about her alt ego Abi battling drug addiction and her relationships with Kevin, and possibly, Peter?

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