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Friday, 4 September 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 4 September

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

We return to Alya threatening Geoff with a broken bottle. Her arm must be sore, she’s been holding that since Wednesday night. Tim talks her into putting the bottle down while his dad continues to act innocent, claiming he has no idea what would have set her off. When Ryan arrives to take the shaken Alya away, Tim starts to doubt Geoff’s version of events.

Back at the flat Alya cries to Ryan that Geoff is winning and he tells her some bad news of his own… Ali has got four months in jail. Remember Ali? It took me a few minutes I’ll admit. It’s a shame he’s ended up in jail when he started off so promisingly. Still, look on the bright side, maybe they’ll give him a sensible haircut while he’s in there. I for one am convinced that, like a reverse Samson, it all went wrong for him when he let his hair go straggly. I mean look at the state of it!

Meanwhile Daniel confesses to Adam that he’s been paying Nicky to listen to him talk about Bertie while wearing his dead wife’s clothes. When Adam looks understandably weirded out by this, Daniel says that they genuinely like each other’s company and are just friends. Adam checks the fridge quickly for severed heads before pointing out that Nicky is only doing this because she’s getting paid. On the Street he conveniently bumps into the woman herself. He tells her to drop the tart with the heart routine and leave Daniel alone to grieve. She tells him to make it worth her while. We see him reaching for his wallet, but did he actually pay her off? I can’t imagine this is the last we’ll see of Nicky.

In other news, David patiently explains to Shona why she can’t take her clothes off in public; Sean continues to worry about Todd, despite not mentioning him for three years and Cathy has a go at Dev because he’s cut her hours at the kebab shop and she needs the job. This was a storyline that confused me. Back when we first met Cathy, she owned her own house (albeit this was when she was a hoarder so it was stuffed to the rafters with old shopping baskets and broken lampshades). Also, don’t her and Brian own the Kabin? Give Dev at break love, you’re hardly on the poverty line.

Back at No. 4 Tim nice but dim is still puzzling over what happened with Alya. He lets slip to Sally about Geoff’s camera, but when she looks aghast he repeats his dad’s lies that he had it installed as a security measure, but Sally’s not fooled. She tells Tim it’s manipulative and creepy and that he can’t see what’s right in front of him. But Tim digs his heels in and tells her he won’t cut his dad out of his life. Not for her not for anybody.

And that’s all for this week. I feel like Sally Marple is very close to cracking this case. If you’d like to start a petition to make her Chief of Weatherfield police, let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

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Tashacat said...

Can someone remind me what Ali got 4 months for? I’ve completely forgotten his storyline,

Anonymous said...

Ryan told you, for assaulting Gary Windass

dhvinyl said...

He should have got a medal for that !

Tilly Flop said...

My thoughts exactly

Sue said...

Yet another Corrie character that had a good job and prospects end up in jail.

Tashacat said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I knew he’d hit Gary but had forgotten why. It was such a boring story

Anonymous said...

It's no suprise people have already forgotten who Ali was, the only memorable thing about him was his hideous hairdo.

Anonymous said...

So Ali gets four months for assualting Gary who had his cohort Sharon drug him but Bethany gets away with aasaulting a patron with a broken beer bottle at the lap dancing club[where she was working underage]and is considered a 'heroine for doing so?!
The writers have dangerous double standards on the show.


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