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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Abi’s Addiction! Corrie blog interview with Sally Carman

Arriving on our screens as Seb’s drug-addled feckless mother, Abi Franklin, I think it’s fair to say that this is a character who’s has earned her stripes in Weatherfield over the last few years and has firmly cemented her status on the cobbles, as a fan favourite. For me, as a fan of the iconic Manchester-based working-class drama (the other one, I mean) ‘Shameless’, seeing actress Sally Carman on my zoom screen was a surreal thing, indeed. Resisting the urge to throw on my parka, swig cider, and swagger down to the Chatsworth estate, I managed to contain my excitement just long enough to discuss Abi’s return to drug addiction, Peter Barlow, and working with the legendary Sue Devaney (Debbie Webster)  

Q - What was your reaction when you discovered that Abi was to fall off the wagon, again? 

A - Well, my first reaction was genuine excitement, when you’re not in your right mind, that when the interesting storylines kick-in. 

Q - Do you feel quite protective now, considering how she’s got her life back together? 

- I do but the writers really understand who she is and I know that they won’t turn her into something she isn’t. She is striving to do her best but she gets it wrong. They do understand her and how it will work!

Q- Do you think she’s heading for a total breakdown? 

- No I don’t, I think she’s got enough about her now and enough people around her who love and support her. I think that will that get her through it and on top of the situation. 

Q - What are the implications of her falling off the wagon going to be, in terms of her relationships with Seb and Kevin? 

- I think Seb knows what she’s capable of, having seen her at her very worse so I don’t think he will be that shocked. Kevin will begin to realise how bad it actually was with her addiction and with what’s happening in the storyline at the minute, that’s a worry. 

Q - Does Abi really love Kevin, or is just the stability that she needs in her life? 

A - I think she loves the stability that he provides. I don’t think her heart is set on fire for him, but she’s secure and she feels safe, she can trust him and she recognises that he’s a good man and she craves that. How long she will crave that, is a good question! 

Q - With Peter helping her in her addiction battle, do you think she still has a spark for her ex? 

 -Yes she does. The way the writers have done it, I think she’s trying to hide it with Peter but she was crazy about Peter Barlow! She recognises herself in him, they both have the same way of thinking when it comes to addictions, and she also likes the fact that he’s a bit off centre - she’s drawn to that. 

Q - How do you think Abi would fair in a fight with Carla? 

- Oh, she’d kill her. the thing is, Carla is far too refined yet Abi is like a little alley cat - she’s nothing to lose! 

Q - Can you tease us about what’s coming up between Abi and Kevin’s sister, Debbie?

A - I absolutely love Sue Devaney being back, and she’s so wonderful. The scenes with her are brilliant and as they both love Kevin, she’s protecting her brother but not understanding Abi. They’ve been clashes and have got it in them to get on, but whether that happens is another thing! I’ve known Sue for years and have seen her in plays and stuff on TV but this is the first time I have worked with her - she’s lovely! 

Another fab corrie press day zoom session for this super fan! Thanks for reading.


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All I can say is ‘yawn’ at another predictable storyline.


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