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Monday, 14 September 2020

Nick has a secret love child! Corrie blog interview with Ben Price

Fatherhood has come late to Nick Tilsley, in more ways than one. Shattered by Oliver’s recent diagnosis, which now seems terminal, the surrogate father is battling emotions, keeping strong for Leanne, and undoubtedly pained by the all-consuming grief. Therefore, the timing of bumping into his ex-Natasha Blakeman couldn’t be worse. Upon discovering she has a 9-year-old son - is Nick the lad’s Dad? 

In my third Corrie press day this week, I chatted with actor Ben Price to find out all about it. Having just dashed offset from filming dramatic scenes, the actor was in a candid mood.

Q - How is Nick feeling coping with Oliver’s illness and being the surrogate father? 
A - At the end, when he comes down to the final part of the decision on Oliver’s medical condition, he’s there to support Leanne but he’s not part of that final decision making. It does hurt him and he’s sad. He’s not angry about it as Steve seems to be stepping up now. It’s quite tragic. 

Q -  In the middle of all of this, Nick is dealt a bombshell by Natasha. How does he feel upon first seeing her in the hospital car park? 
A - I think it’s one of those things. The way I played it is he’s so overwhelmed by the Oliver situation that he fails to compute the gravity of it. If they’ve had met without this situation, it may have been different. It’s bad timing. 

Q- How does he feel when he then sees her with a child who's old enough to be his son? 
A - He’s overwhelmed and I think he would like a bit proof to work it out. Is she lying or what lies have been told, the guilt of not being there, guilt for what’s going on with Oliver. I think once it’s confirmed for him, then I think it’s huge for him. An amazing storyline but what a time to find out this news, when his stepson it dying! It’s too much for him and he can’t deal with both. He compartmentalises Natasha and Leanne for a while.

Q - With Oliver’s conditioning worsening, he’s not going to find the time to break this news to Leanne, is he? 
A -No and he tries and his Mum talks to him about it and Nick likes to play a straight bat and I don’t know whether that’s the right thing to do in this scenario. I don’t know whether he would have better to say, ‘not now, let’s meet in a year or six months’ but they don’t as it makes a great story! He then goes to meet his son, it’s a powerful moment. He then has to tell Leanne, deal with what she has to say and then deal with Natasha too. He’s over the moon, a protege for the factory! but it’s elation and devastation as Oliver is likely to die. 

Q - Nick and Natasha departed on very bad terms, with Gail in the meddling. How will the dynamic change with his Mum, with Natasha being back on the scene?
A - Well, that’s just Gail isn’t it? He’s going to have to take that. I think Gail makes an effort, with the child being the difference. Like with Kylie, and with Shiona, she realises that the grandchild is important, he’s part of Brian, so that seeps into that part of her history. She’s going to make the effort and Natasha has considerably changed. 

 - Is Nick concerned that Natasha has some unspoken agenda, to maybe get back with him and be a family unit and her previous behaviour?
A- Yes, I think he is at the start. He thinks he’s being played a bit, about whats happened. Then he realises that she’s done an incredible job in raising him, but he feels guilty about not being there. 

Q- Is he angry with her for mussing ten years of the child’s life? 
A -I think he’s sad that she felt she couldn’t come and find him to tell him about it. He feels its a reflection on him and not Natasha. He has driven himself through business but his personal life feels rubbish. 

Q- Filming in Oliver’s storyline and what’s coming up on the screen, has reached a really sad place. How have you felt?  

A - First off, Jane is amazing - I have to say that. She has carried this story from the off and has done for the last six months to a year. The way we are filing now, your in the hospital setting, all day every day. It’s been amazing, don’t get me wrong but it’s such a sad story. 

Q - Do you feel the responsibility, as an actor, when portraying such a tragic yet true-to-life story, with Oliver’s condition?

A - Yes, of course, you do- it’s very hard. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I don’t go home at night and read more of the script and have a little cry. You feel it, you’ve got to, you’re paid to feel it. But sometimes, Jane does something or somebody plays a scene, and it just cuts you. Jane’s a Mum, you know. It’s an amazing story, and they weave all of these other parts in. I read the script and think ‘I want to know what’s going to happen next, too'
I’m looking forward to seeing Gail’s response to Sam, are you? 

Keep your eyes peeled on the Corrie blog as I also chatted to Jack P Shepherd about David Platt’s 21 years on the street, the sinkhole, and Shona!

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CK said...

What if Natasha wants nothing to do with him or his family after the way they treated her?

Anonymous said...

I really felt Ben Price raised his game last night, especially in the scene with Nastasha at Victoria Court. It's plain to see how sidelined he's now going to feel- he has always had an insecurity deep down about not being Oliver's biological father.
I am loving Natasha's return so far and I'm interested to see how it will dovetail with Oliver's illness and the impact it will inevitably have on Nick's relationship with Leanne. Rachel Leskovac is an asset to the show and I really hope they utilise her considerable potential.


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