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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 14th September

"He just looks like he's sleeping", says Nick of Oliver in the hospital (off-screen). Can you really have the story of a seriously ill child without, y'know, the child?

Anyway, Leanne still seems to think she can save Oliver from a tragic demise by setting her chin and stomping around the hospital, refusing to accept what the doctor says, which is that Oliver needs to stay in the hospital and not be dragged down to Cornwall on a Leanne-shaped whim. Later the doc further explains that they can't extubate or bring him out of sedation and it's only life support keeping Oliver alive.

Nick has other things on his mind as he stalks Natasha online, seeing pics of "his" child. I did wonder if the kid was Steve's - we know Steve's, um, emissions can burn latex. She pops around and claims that her son isn't Nick's, but then capitulates and tells him that after she had an abortion, she was determined to keep the child when she got pregnant again. She says that if Nick is going to be in Sam's life, he has to fully commit to it, not pop in and out.

I didn't think Imran could be any more handsome, but here you are, here he is with his grown out crop/hairdo. Forget this boring fostering story, Immers, and run off with me! Anyway, Toyah is stressy about social workers and Suzy (the Eva baby storyline) but explains that she is a "whole" person and doesn't need a child to complete her. Later, Toyah does that really really annoying thing where she pretends to Imran that it's bad news, but it's actually good news as the social worker says she will recommend them as foster parents. Unfortunately, this is the moment that Leanne breaks the Oliver news to Toyah.

The newly conjugal Platt-Ramseys return to the street to encounter Rotten Ray. It's about time he ramped up the evil since he was in danger of going soft. After finding out the insurance won't pay out, Ray offers to buy number 8. Why does he want chez Platt? The land for Bistro #2? To run his own private tramline between Yasmeen's and the Kabin? Dungeon where he keeps Michelle? I suppose he might start a chain of murder hotels, where people can come and gawp at where all the tragic things have happened on t'cobbles.

Blah blah Billy, blah blah Paul, blah blah Kel. Just hurry up with this storyline and bring back Todd!

And Asha sits down with Dev to discuss the Corey situation, but Dev is one step ahead, having done some projections of the cost of moving in with the C-dog. Not the emotional cost of a sparky young woman going out with that lummox though.

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Anonymous said...

The scenes involving Nick were tailor made to bring out the best in Ben Price and for me he delivered on every level last night, perfectly showcasing his character's inner turmoil over his shock and overwhelming emotion at suddenly discovering he had a ten year old son, yet the concern and 'guilt' over what it would do to Leanne and their relationship when the inevitable time comes to tell her.
He has never, since the start of this Oliver's illness storyline, been quite able to handle being third in the 'pecking order' behind Steve, understandable in some ways given he has done far more day to day rearing of the child than Steve has, but doubly understandable to a character with Nick's ego and, for that reason, finding out he has a son of his own is a hugely massive development in this storyline and i can't wait to see where they intend taking it

Anonymous said...

I think it's rather crass for the writers to introduce Nick's son now just aS Oliver could be dying.
Nick was never interested in being a father to Natasha's baby hence her decision to have an abortion and her decision to keep Sam a secret,so it's hyporcritical for him to be interested now due to Oliver's terminal illness.
Unfortunately Nick's secret child undermines Oliver's storylone as it's making him the 'victim' not Oliver's parents Steve and Leanne.
I bet once the truth comes out about Sam and Leaane understandblty devasted,she will be the 'villian' for being hurt and jealous of Nick wanting to be with his son.


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