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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – September 5 2020

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Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield.

It’s been a strange old week for Daniel. He’s still grieving over Sinead’s death and while seeking a bit of solace with sex-worker Nicky, he thinks they’re becoming friends while for Nicky it’s all about the cash. Daniel confides in Adam about Nicky and Adam is as weirded-out by it as we are. He bumps into Nicky on the street and tells her to stay away from Daniel. “Make it worth my while,” Nicky replies and Adam opens his wallet. Meanwhile, back at the flat, Daniel’s moping about and wondering where his new best friend Nicky has got to. 

At Speed Daal, Alya goes for Geoff’s throat with a broken bottle. She’s had enough and I can’t say I blame her. However, the actress who plays Alya isn’t my favourite on the show and the character of Ryan is as dull as ditchwater so having to try to care about Alya and Ryan going up against Geoff is a bit of a stretch for this fan. However – rubs hands with glee – Sally going up against Geoff is a delight. But this week she’s up against Tim too, trying to make him see that his dad is a monster. As Tim and Sally argue, Tim tells Sally that Geoff had CCTV installed in the house and Sally finally cottons on to something even more weird going on with Geoff.

As Shona tries to integrate herself back into life on the Street, she and David chat on Maxine’s bench. Shona’s head injury is causing her to do all manner of unusual things and she starts stripping off in broad delight before Jenny Bradley/Connor walks by and tells her to think on and get dressed. 

Dev’s got money worries this week now that he’s putting his kids through posh Oakhill School. Asha offers to work in the kebab shop for her dad and Dev cuts Cathy’s hours at the corner shop. Cathy’s in tears over this, which was odd, for surely she owns half the Kabin with Brian or at least works there? And didn’t she have her own home that she must’ve sold to move in with Brian? Oh well. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Alya isn't a very compelling character, either because of the acting or the writing. Viewers are often tolerant of not-so-brilliant portrayals because the issue in the storyline is so important. However, I sighed when I read Sair's comment in an interview: "This might be hard to believe but I genuinely don’t think Alya enjoys taunting Geoff". Poor choice of words perhaps but the scenes in the street show that Alya did get a kick out of winding Geoff up. Therefore, I do find it hard to believe.

In a parallel storyline, it didn't take Billy and Sean long to discover the charity 'Missing People'. By contrast, Alya hasn't done much to find Elaine. Did she go round to Elaine's house and quiz the neighbours? This has become Geoff's story, padding things out until the trial. Ryan's OK but, as with a lot of Corrie characters, it depends who he's linked with. He was a lot of fun with Ali, and not bad with Robert & Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I also find it hard to believe that Alya enjoys winding up Geoff as it seems to be the other way around,Geoff enjoys winding up Alya!
Unfortunately the writers have turned the controlling abuse storyline into a 'Phelanish'farce with Geoff getting the upper hand all the time and possibly killing Elain so the truth won't come out about him just as Phelan did with Luke and Andy and Gary with Rick whon he 'framed' for the factory roof sabotage.
I now doubt that neither the Nazirs or Imram will see justice done.

DavidA said...

Shona stripping off in "broad delight"? Daylight, surely


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