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Monday, 14 September 2020

Shona, Sinkholes, and 21 years of David Platt! Corrie blog interview with Jack P Shepherd

In my fourth (and final) Corrie press day this week, I chatted with actor Jack P Shepherd, to find out how David will cope with that huge sinkhole, Shona’s new normal, Corrie’s 60th anniversary, and playing David Platt for an incredible 21 years! The last time I interviewed Jack P Shepherd was on the actual set of The Rovers Return (!) and I was sat right under that dartboard. Seeing him on a zoom screen is a little less scary!

Q - You’ve been playing David Platt now for 21 years, could you have ever imagined when you started that you’d be on Corrie for this long?
A - No. I was only contracted for 3 months originally, and I thought it would be a good gig, and then I’d do some other things. They kept on wanting to keep me around - ike a bad smell (!)

Q - Do you like David and would you be his friend in real life? 
A - Yes. Well, he gets stressed about a lot of things that I wouldn’t get stressed about in real life. He can fly off the handle. I think he’d be alright in small doses. I’d see him now and again and he’s one of those friends that you’d meet for a drink now and again but not keep in touch with. He’s just too much, sometimes. He’s one of those mates that when you ask if they are alright, they say ‘no, not really’ and you wish you hadn’t have asked. 

Q- Do you think he’s mellowed as he got older. Sometimes we are unsure as to how he will react to certain situations, which must be good as an actor?

A - Yes, it is. There are different sides to his character to play and that’s why its good to play him. He can react in a variety of ways and it is versatile. 

Q -  You recently had a part in how he dealt with Shona’s coma didn’t you, David’s adrenaline junkie reaction to her coma?
A - They wanted to go down a different route as to how he normally reacts, with going off the rails, they wanted to try something different as Daniel Osbourne was going through grief at the same time, lashing out and angry. They wanted something different for David and I thought that was a bit of a twist that I hadn’t done before with a few stunts along the way. 

Q - What do you enjoy about playing David? 
A - Mainly that its a laugh. I come to work, everybody is fun, you’ve got your onscreen family, my mates, crew, and it is a pleasure to come to work 

 -  You must look forward to your scripts still as part of the Platt family? 
A- Yes the thing is with the Platt’s is, we are all capable of carrying the storylines but then when Tina (Sarah) Ben, (Nick), or Julia (Shona) gets a story, we all jump on board and support each other with it, like a proper family in the way. 

Q- How has it felt working with Julia, now that Shona has a completely new character?  
A - we have enjoyed it actually, she’s taking on this role as someone who doesn’t know me, and it’s not the same person. David is desperately trying to find remnants of the old Shona but she’s not there so he gets annoyed at times, and she can’t remember certain things, its been fun. He’s trying to be patient and she has no filter which can be quite hurtful. We’ve both liked it, the predicament when Julia’s maternity leave came up, was very cleverly done by the writers. 

Q-  And the comedy element? 
A - Yes, she can say whatever she wants. I love dark comedy and that’s my sense of humour. There are light and shade in this story which is good to do.

Q - Do you think Shona is his soulmate or would have been Kylie, or Tina perhaps? 
A - Yes I think so. I mean Tina dumped him and broke his heart, then he was madly in love with Kylie and now madly in love with Shona. I think that happens in life though, when you find love elsewhere, you don’t compare it to the past. 

Q - The sinkhole story is primed for Corrie’s 60th anniversary with the Platt’s heavily involved. You’ve been part of some great anniversary stories, are you looking forward to it this year? 

A - Yes. Its always great to be involved in these great anniversary stories, the live episodes, and David’s 30th is this year too, so its great to be part of it and whatever they have in store for me. I don’t know exactly what they have planned but its been great working with Mark Frost (Ray). I’ve had a few scenes with him, during the lockdown and I like the guy, I hope he sticks around for a bit, and his character, on the show. 

I think the statement ‘what a year it's been!’ cannot be underestimated in 2020. For me, Corrie has continued to rise above and beyond Covid-19, delivering consistent drama, comedy, tragedy, and lashing of social realism. To be part of this blog is a dream come true and huge thanks to our editor, Glenda, for letting me get involved in such privileged press days! 

I’m @rybazoxo your cobbles connoisseur and Wednesday episode reviewer!

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