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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Ray’s sinister sinkhole plot! Corrie blog interview with actor Mark Frost

Raging Ray's sinister sinkhole plot against the Platt's may seem random, however, the street's newest bad man could be about to embark on a plot that’s intrinsic to the shows 60th-anniversary celebrations?

was invited to another Corrie zoom press day, to find out about more from actor Mark Frost and about what's coming up for Ray on the street!

Q - How did you get the part in Corrie? 

A - I’ve done theatre, film, Doctors, Brookside, and Poldark! I did a stint in Manchester on ‘The Mill’ and I’ve also had a little time away from the industry. I’ve opened up an antique shop in Peckham, south London, and I drive a yellow van! Make of that what you will. My girlfriend is an agent, and on this particular occasion she helped me film a self-tape for the audition, and she quite enjoyed it. I didn’t hear anything for 3-4 weeks and then had a call to say I started the following Monday. I think its a part I was qualified for and was thrilled! It’s rare to get the part from a self-tape.

Q - Being a fan of the show, it must have felt good to land the part on a show you grew up watching?

A -Yes. I grew up watching Stan and Hilda, those great character actors, and I’ve always been loved kitchen sink drama from the 60's and '70s. I’ve always thought that they were very important stories to tell. I love the heritage of Corrie and it's groundbreaking in bringing kitchen sink drama to a massive audience. I was terrified on my first day walking into the reception and seeing that huge picture of Ena Sharples looking down across Manchester. It makes the hairs on your neck stand up!

Q- How you auditioned for any parts previously on Corrie?

- Yes, I did audition once before for the part of Pat Phelan’s sidekick and I believe Ian Kelsey got the part (Vinny Ashford). 

Q - When you firsts started on the show, what did you know about the character and did you know how long you would be around for? 

- I knew he was a property developer and a businessman and the name Harvey Weinstein had been mentioned. I knew he had this inappropriateness towards women and I knew he was ruthless. I also knew that I had a part to play in Kym Marsh leaving. I was also told that he might burn fast and bright, maybe a year, so I’m already on borrowed time! He’s started more gently than I anticipated so I quite like that. 

Q - What sort of reaction have you had from fans who come into your shop or whilst you're out and about?

A -  On the whole its been lovely. A lot of shout outs and call-outs. I have a fan who comes to my shop every week for an update. It’s been positive on the whole. I’ve got some good-natured fan’s who like Ray. He’s shameless and abhorrent but comfortable with who he is. Some people like that.  

Q - What sort of bad businessman mould does he fall into? Is he Pat Phelan, Mike Baldwin, or Richard Hilman?

 - I grew up watching Johnny Briggs as a kid, as Mike Baldwin, so I think he’s very much in that mould, somebody who has made their success with hard work and that determination can get you anything. He’s somebody who believes his hype, but I don’t think he’s psychotic or violent per se. I think if he bore a grudge, he wouldn’t get his own hands dirty. Probably more sophisticated than Phelan, in that respect.

Q - Can you talk us through the sinkhole plot and a bit of a clue about what he’s up to?

- Yes. I think he has made no secret about his plans when he bought the garage and bistro, and he’s looking to expand his empire. He wants to purchase property and its fair to say he may have overstretched himself and is looking to get what he wants and by any means necessary. I think you’ll be surprised about just how far he’s prepared to go to get what he wants. It will put him at odds with the rest of the Weatherfield community.

Q - He’s not bothered about other people on the street, is he?  

A - No, he’s got no familial ties with anyone, no links. He’s come in as a property developer and doesn’t see the community side of the street. I think he hates that kind of sentimentality, as a weakness, and maybe its something to do with his past. He dislikes the bonhomie and camaraderie of the street’s residents and I think she should fear that it could be his undoing! It’s great that he has a secret connection to someone on the street, somebody who has kept quiet about it, maybe even an ally to help him. It’s quite exciting!

Is Ray going be a big part of Corrie’s 60th? I can’t wait to find out!

Keep your eyes peeled on the Corrie blog as I also chatted to Rachel Leskovac about Natasha’s return, Ben Price about how Nick will cope with Oliver’s illness, and Jack P Shepherd about David Platt’s 21 years on the street! All to come this week. 

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