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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Sue Devaney interview: Conflict and Corrie's strong women

Debbie and Abi got off to a rocky start as Debbie arrived just as she had got home from hospital. Do you think Debbie had a sixth sense about her at that point? 

Debbie is very clued up and she looks at people and susses them out. She doesn't really take people at face value. What she does is think that everyone has an ulterior motive, probably because she has herself. She thinks when people say something they actually mean something else, Debbie is very good at sussing that out. She has a heart but she only has a heart for the right people, people that mean something in her life. She usually works on facts rather than feelings. People have to earn her respect and her love. She does feel for what Abi is going through but right at this minute her concern is her brother, but she does think that Abi makes Kevin happy and they have got something together.

Debbie has done well for herself now but do you think there are any similarities between her and Abi?

She does see some of herself in Abi but also she sees where she could have ended up if she hadn’t have moved away at an early age and met the right people to take her under their wing and further her career. She looks at Abi and thinks ‘oh my gosh that could have been me’ Debi has met the wrong men over the years but if you have got a nice life style it helps you move on quicker from bad situations and get out of them.

Why has she given Abi the benefit of the doubt up till now?

Debbie is thinking about herself really at this point because she is living under the same roof and she knows it isn't going to work if she keeps on rowing with Abi and questioning her all the time. She needs a place to stay and she can't rock the boat too much. She doesn't want to interfere too much and she decides it is better to give Abi a chance, Kevin is happy and at this stage he might throw her out if she forces her hand with Abi.

How does Debbie feel when Abi confesses that she is a total disaster and Kevin deserves better? Does she feel vindicated for having suspicions?

She is surprised and at that point really feels for Debbie as she knows what a big thing it is for Abi to tell her that and reveal that much about herself. Debbie can be very hard sometimes, her thinking is very black and white, there is no grey area. So she takes he hard line and says that Abi needs to get herself sorted out and stop what she is doing. It isn't as easy as that bit Debbie has no patience with that, but when Abi admits to being more vulnerable than Debbie thinks then Debbie wants to try and help her if she can.

Does Debbie want the relationship to work or would she prefer it if Abi and Kevin split up?

She is actually quite invested in making it work. It is the first time in years she has seen her brother really happy and this woman makes him feel good so she wants that to continue. But she doesn’t want Kevin to be with someone who is not being honest with him. Debbie doesn't want Abi taking liberties. Debbie is a business woman and she has been known to tell some lies, it takes one to know one and that is her worry with Abi. She wants it to work but she is keeping a very close eye on her.

Even after all this she still doesn't tell Kevin about seeing Abi meeting Peter in the ginnel. Why is that?

She is protecting her brother, she doesn't want to upset him that is what it is. She wants to get all the information first and know what is going on. She wants all the ammunition before she fires the gun. What she is doing is buying the bullets. She is being very shrewd, if she is going to say something she wants to know that what she is saying is right before she says anything.

What finally makes her decide enough is enough?

She finds out that Abi has been seen with Peter again when she said she was somewhere else. She has also promised Abi that she will never see Peter again so this is the moment when Debbie has had enough and her blood boils. So Abi has now lied to her so this is the time to tell Kevin, it has gone on too long. She is furious that Abi has blatantly lied to her, she is not only trying to pull the wool over Kevin’s eyes she is doing it to Debbie too and she won't stand for that.

How much do you enjoy playing the scenes with Sally Carmen?

Corrie does conflict between strong women really well so it has been great. I love working with Sally, the relationship between Abi and Debbie is complicated. A lot of people when they battle do so because they are very similar. When you don't get on with someone it is often something in their personality that you don't like about yourself. That is a bit of what is going on with Abi and Debbie.

Debbie has a successful business abroad. How long does she plan on staying in Weatherfield?

Debbie is there till the new business venture she is working on is completed. It is all about a business venture and there is a reason why she needs to be in Weatherfield for it but she hasn't told anyone why she is there!

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Smiley said...

Who would like to bet that Debbie is working with Ray??

Anonymous said...

If she is so high powered why does she need to stay at Kevin's? A hotel would be better for meetings and such.


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