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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – September 12 2020

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Things are hotting up in Weatherfield as the show ramps up to its return to 6 episodes per week next week. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Best story of the week was Tim finally seeing what a monster his dad Geoff is. Sally gets the keys to Geoff’s house on the pretence of looking for a book for Yasmeen but she steals Geoff’s laptop and takes it back home. Faye, Tim and Sally get into the laptop and are horrified to find a video that they watch. It’s Geoff taunting Yasmeen, bullying her, and Yasmeen’s terrified. Sally calls the cops and hands the laptop over. Is it the end for Geoff? Not exactly. Imran warns Sally that as she stole the laptop, the evidence is illegal and may not be used in court.  However, there’s still a hope that Geoff’s wife EIaine (Tim’s real mum) might be willing to come forward, just as soon as Tim can find her and for now, she’s proving hard to find.

Dev’s in dire straits and he’s got money worries. He decides to sell the kebab shop and ends up cutting shifts and working there himself, getting the orders all wrong. At home, things aren’t much better for Dev when he finds out daughter Asha is dating sleazebag Corey.

Elsewhere this week, a huge sinkhole turns up in the Platts’ back garden. One minute Shona’s jumping on the trampoline and David’s trying to light the BBQ, and the next minute, there’s a great gaping hole in the middle of the lawn. Sleazy Ray from the Bistro offers the Platts the use of his five star hotel (eh? What hotel?) and they all decamp there.  Meanwhile, Ray talks to the “man from the water board” who turns up in a lovely orange suit and it’s clear that Ray’s behind the sink hole, deliberately causing it – but why? Does he want the Platts out of their house? Does he want the land to expand the Bistro somehow? I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s an interesting story nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Daniel and sex-worker Nicky agree to be mates and Tracy is at home cooking Deirdre’s stuffed marrow. 

Oliver’s back in hospital suffering more and worse seizures and Leanne and Steve are beside themselves with worry over their son. At the hospital, Nick bumps into old flame Natasha Blakeman, she was a hairdresser in Audrey’s salon. I remember her well, she was a great character but sadly one of the strong women that Corrie sent off the rails and made a bit mad. Anyway, she’s back and she’s got a ten year old son – Nick’s son.

But best bit of all this week, for this fan, was Sally taking a turn on the switch at Streetcars when Tim left her in charge. A customer recognises her voice and asks if she’s the same Sally Metcalfe who was once Mayor of Weatherfield. Sally can’t admit that it’s her, I mean, what would an ex-Mayor of Weatherfield be doing working in a cab office in a back street? It’s a wonderfully funny scene, more please!

And finally this week, in the search for Todd Grimshaw, Billy the vicar comes across news of a dead man matching the description of Kel – Bernie’s ex and Paul’s step dad. But he can’t bring himself to tell Paul the news just yet. Meanwhile, Paul’s getting suspicious about why Sean and Billy are in cahoots over finding Todd and wonders if there’s something going on between Billy and Sean.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Ellen Taylor (Monday);  Ellen Taylor (Wednesday) and Alasdair Morrison  (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Louby said...

The Natasha thing, it seemed obvious when they said she was returning that it would turn out she had had the child after all. When she was around before, I think it was some time between her having (not having) the termination and leaving, because she did pretend for a while that she was still pregnant. Obviously she has been brought back with Nick's child just at the time Leanne is about to lose hers.

Geoff getting his comeuppance was a joy, so was Sally's switchboard scene. And the mention of stuffed marrow brought back happy memories of Deirdre.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Not sure how the Corrie writers will get round the fact that Gail read Natasha's medical records which said she was no longer pregnant. Minor detail, and there's always the twist that it isn't really Nick's child. I hope Gail suggests he takes a DNA test. I loved the fact that Tim reached into the cab office bin and found Elaine's address which he threw in there weeks ago. Amazing when I can't find the till receipt I chucked in the bin ten minutes ago. Yes, Sally's stint on the switch was brilliant. The actress does comedy so well.


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