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Sunday, 6 September 2020

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

You can't fake chemistry.  There's something wonderful about the interactions between David and Sarah-Lou.  It always has a real feeling of family about it.  Tina O'Brien and Jack P Shepherd have worked together for twenty years, on and off, and have grown up together, and you really feel it when they chat onscreen.  It has that teasing, affectionate, easy chat of siblings.  They've got over that time David tried to kill himself to ruin her wedding or when Sarah-Lou got pregnant by David's wife's psycho drug dealer ex and now they're brother and sister, supportive, cheery, loving. 

Which is good, because David needs all the support he can get, married to the nightmare that is Shona.  Can we have the old one back please?  This burping, stripping weirdo is plain annoying.  I don't remember Nicky Tilsley's brain injury turning him into a rampant sex monster, but I guess that would mean he'd develop a personality, so it's not really a surprise.  Shona seems to be permanently horny, whipping up her top and trying to desecrate Maxine's bench at three in the afternoon in full view of Jenny Bradley.  David politely declined her advances, because he is a gentleman, but I worry that Shona will encounter someone a bit less dignified and the mood will take her.  Let's be honest, if she offered herself up on a plate to Peter Barlow, he'd probably accept.  She also had a good old leer at David's backside and tried to get Nina to join in.  Nina wasn't impressed, but then he was wearing those baggy jeans at the time; have a look at it bouncing up and down in white pants on Twitter and get back to us.

Get a work/life balance.  While Yasmeen's in prison there's probably nobody to run the Community Centre.  So well done to Underworld for volunteering to take up the slack and host all those events - payback, I suppose, for when they shoved a load of machines in the centre and made it into a factory.  It's not really a workplace now, it's more of a drop-in centre, with anybody and everybody wandering in to have a chat and a catch up.  Poor Beth's trying to stitch together fifty gussets before hometime and not get distracted by a dozen pensioners doing an Over 60s Aerobicise session in the factory kitchen.  Mary took this to its logical limit this week by bringing Sean a three course meal complete with wine to be consumed on the premises.  Presumably the gypsy violinist and dessert trolley are just off camera.

Sean needed cheering up because he was so deeply concerned about his close friend Todd, despite not having shown the slightest bit of interest in his whereabouts for the last two years.  He wasn't even that pally with him when he vanished, what with him stealing Sean's boyfriend and everything.  I'm not saying he'd actively want him to fall into a canal but this moping around is all a bit much.  I suppose he's just living for the drama of it all; when Todd does return unscathed it'll all be a tremendous let-down.

There's a Ray of light.  Alright, he's a sex pest.  I'm not denying that.  But can we keep Ray?  Because he's great.  He's got a roguish charm and real charisma, combined with a sharp edge that could make him a pleasing adversary for the residents.  He seemed to show genuine concern for Daniel this week which shows personal growth.  I know he tried to coerce Michelle into sex but come on, he's only human; all heterosexual men fall under the spell of the Exalted Queen of the Universe, and some of the homosexual ones too.  You can't resist a woman like that.  And even though he coerced Kevin into handing over the deeds to the garage, he's not actually done anything with it, and seems to be letting Webster's Autocentre carry on as if nothing happened.  Let's forgive and forget, eh?  Maybe we can send him to a sex addiction clinic or something.  Claudia will probably pay for it, she's paid for everyone else's.

Show her the money.  There are a lot of things that annoy me about this Daniel plot.  Firstly, it annoys me that she's called Nicky, when there's already a Nicky in the programme; he can say he's called "Nick" all he likes but I refuse to budge on this.  Did Ivy Tilsley call him "Nick"?  No she did not.  Secondly, the casual use of the word "prozzie" by Adam's solicitor mate was really nasty.  Thirdly, "tart with a heart falls for her client" is a horrible, male fantasy storyline, a fairy tale that a prostitute was just going through the motions until she met Our Hero and realised what true love and passion was because he was just so good.  It's gross, and I'd have liked Nicky to give Daniel a brutally frank talking to about the necessary boundaries between client and sex worker rather than melting under his charm offensive.   

Daniel seems to be under the impression that because he's not actually having sex with Nicky this makes it all wholesome fun.  No, you're paying a woman to indulge your desires, and whether its making her dress up as your dead wife and listen to you monologue about a toddler or it's being tied up and spanked with a stick of rhubarb it's still not a healthy equal relationship.  I think we're meant to sympathise with Daniel but the whole thing is so creepy and revolting I want it to end.  If the producers had any courage he'd turn completely psycho - he did once shove his own father down the stairs, after all - but they don't seem to be going down that route.  Maybe Adam will intervene properly, or at the very least ask Daniel where the hell he's been getting the money to pay for these dress up sessions.

Crime does pay.  So we finally discovered what Scott (terrible name) and Johnny's secret was: they'd done a robbery years ago where a security guard died.  Scott went down for it, but Johnny got away, and then hid in shame for not standing up and doing his bird (is that the phrase?  I'm sorry, I'm too middle class for all this crime chat).  Do you think this is the same robbery Billy did and got away with, and nobody's put two and two together?  After all if they were all wearing ski masks who knows who was under there.  Johnny and Sean had a chat and it seemed bygones were bygones but when has that ever been true in a soap opera?  No doubt he'll be blackmailing Johnny by the end of the month, and there'll be a hostage situation in the pub on Bonfire Night.  "Some friendships are best left in the past" Johnny lamented to Carla, and she agreed, and talked about that time she went to a school reunion.  Who is writing Carla these days?  Absolutely no way on earth would Carla Connor go to a school reunion, unless it was to burn the gym down with everyone inside a la Carrie.  Between this and the recorder chat of a couple of weeks ago I'm wondering if she's being sent the wrong script pages and those were lines destined for Fiz or something.  The writers have certainly forgotten she's a vulnerable person, because while they ostentatiously made sure we knew Tracy has been shielding for three months to protect her Moroccan kidney, Carla's been larking about all over the Street and even going to work.  Apparently she's not bothered what happens to the last living bit of Aidan, but I guess we already knew that from the gallons of red wine she consumes.

Oh look I wrote all that and completely forgot to mention Geoff oh what a shame never mind.  Complaints via Twitter @merseytart.

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Sue said...

We also learned that Peter Barlow can change his hairstyle in seconds whilst walking down the street.I thought the continuity with Jenny’s hair was bad last week but this was ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken about Carla. There was a scene (August 5th) where Adam asked, "How was the shielding?". She said she felt like a caged animal.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The use of 'prozzie' and 'tart with a heart' was harsh but maybe that's the way some old-school legal people talk. Old-fashioned expressions to my ear, straight out of 'Life on Mars'. But I think it was setting up future scenes with Adam to show he is a hardened, world-weary solicitor, often defending clients he doesn't approve of. The character is in his early 30's but his manner is ten years older. I like Adam, he's got a lot of potential.

Anonymous said...

Good question, who is writing Carla these days? The Carla I know wouldn’t have been seen dead working in a greasy spoon cafĂ© or pulling pints, and she certainly wouldn’t have gone to a school reunion! I think the writers are softening Carla down, they’re doing it to Tracy too, and I don’t like it one bit. They’re two of my favourite characters but they’ve become boring and placid. Also, why is Tracy shielding for her kidney and Carla isn’t? Seems odd.
Can we talk about the fact Corrie has ruined Underworld for a minute please? It’s not even a factory anymore, it’s just a drop-in centre with a confusing layout. And what’s the point of putting Carla back in charge if we never get to see her there? Seriously, the factory refurb was the worst idea ever.

I’m liking Scott and Ray and think both have the potential to be the next big bads of the street (already both are far more compelling than Windyarse could ever dream of being). Having said that, Johnny and Scott’s story is giving us so little go to on that it’s losing my interest, it really needs to pick up the pace. Am I the only one hoping Scott’s a total psychopath?

Geoff’s storyline started out strong, but now it’s beginning to lose the plot (no pun intended). It feels like it’s gone stale, going round in circles in an effort to stall for time, and I found Ayla’s meltdown underwhelming if I’m honest. I don’t like Alya at the best of times and I struggle to root for her whatever the situation. I hope the focus goes back to Yasmeen because she deserves to be the hero of her own story, I don’t need the likes of Alya, Sally, or Tim for that matter, taking the glory.

I’m not liking Daniel’s story either. I don’t like Nicky. I don’t need these two to fall in love. I just need this creepy storyline to end and for Daniel to finally learn that the only love he needs in his life right now is the love of his son. He doesn’t need to be paying women to dress up in his dead wife’s cardigan, he needs therapy.
And you’re telling me that Dev - a man who has two businesses on the street, a corner shop and a takeout store - is in financial peril? These types of businesses aren’t going to be badly hit by Covid. The factory might struggle, or the pub even, but a corner shop would be getting lots of custom!
It seems the teen drama is back (oh joy!) as we saw Asha hanging out with Corey. Why is the show condoning this relationship? Corey filmed Asha in the nude without her knowledge or consent… and now she’s dating him like nothing’s happened? Huh?! What message are you trying to send to young girls here, Corrie?
Overall, not been impressed with Corrie these past few weeks. None of the plots seem to be progressing, everything feels like a stall for time, and only having three episodes makes it feel even more dragged out and slow.
The show's hit another slump again, hasn't it?

Unknown said...

and they have turned shona into a big joke.before she was funny,smart,and would not be outsmarted by a little girl playing hide and go seek. I hope she gets a lot better so a story line.

Roni said...

Why didn't Alya tell Tim the reason for her tantrum? That Geoff had told staff not to come in? That Geoff had threatened her?


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