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Monday, 7 September 2020

Geoff - again!

I can’t remember where I read this and of course it may not be true, but apparently, the Geoff story will not reach its conclusion until Christmas. So, hang on to your hats - we have a way to go yet…

I keep reminding myself when we see Geoff doing his usual lying, manipulating and playing Mr Nice Guy that he WILL get his comeuppance at some point – perhaps an extra Christmas gift for all the viewers. He will be outed. Tim will see him as he really is and we will witness Geoff getting his just desserts. But we are not there yet.

There has though, been some progress in the fact that Yasmeen has now realised just how badly his coercion of her affected her, largely because of Alya’s determination to make Yasmeen see. In the meantime, though, Yasmeen has had a heart attack, possibly because of the stress of what Geoff has done to her and ended up in hospital.
'She could have died because of you!’ yells Alya in Speed Dahl, as the pressure of Geoff’s machinations overwhelm her. She completely loses self-control and upends a table while shouting at paying customers to leave.

'All you do is hurt people, Geoff!’ She tells him. ‘And where is Elaine? Disappeared in one of your magic tricks? I’d de doing a lot of people a favour if I stabbed you with this bottle right now!’ Tim gently persuades Alya to put the bottle down, but it’s clear that Tim is shocked at the degree of Alya’s anguish.

Alya now launches her tirade onto Tim, quite reasonably asking him why he doesn’t open his eyes and see his dad as he really is?  Ryan arrives and is immediately certain that Alya has been provoked by Geoff. Alya accepts the blame for the mess she’s made but Ryan knows that Geoff is behind it. Ryan, on being told by Tim that Geoff is telling the truth as to what happened, says that Geoff, ‘is telling his version of the truth.’ He turns to Tim and tells him to open his eyes and see what Geoff is really like.

Tim has heard all this before from several people so he might, just might, start to suspect that there is something in what people are saying about his dad.
‘Why don’t you open your eyes, mate and see what he’s really like?’ Ryan tells him what Geoff has done. Geoff, knowing full well that neither Alya nor Yasmeen wanted alcohol in their restaurant, has ordered alcohol and got a licence to sell it without mentioning a word of this to Alya. Geoff of course, claims he’s only doing it to improve the business, but we know that’s a lie.

When Alya and Ryan have left, Tim seems less than warm towards his dad. When Geoff refers to Alya’s ‘hissy fit’ Tim is defensive towards Alya and points out that it was much more than a hissy fit that Alya was experiencing. Geoff suggests that he and Tim have a drink together but Tim walks off, not keen to be in his dad’s company. Before he leaves though, he asks his dad why Alya gets so upset, what did Ryan mean and also what is Alya implying about Elaine? Is Tim finally starting to realise?

We might have thought so, but on returning home, he is once more putting up a stout defence of his father to Sally. The ripples from Geoff’s behaviour are badly affecting Sally and Tim’s marriage and in addition Faye is talking to her dad about her granddad’s behaviour and naturally enough, is asking Tim to talk to his dad, because Faye doesn’t want to see her father and grandfather fall out. On arrival home, Tim is once more locked in battle with Sally. She is sympathetic at first.

‘I hate seeing you like this,’ she says to Tim. Sally then learns of the CCTV camera Geoff had installed, that he didn’t want people to know about. Sally immediately concludes, rightly, that he didn’t want people to know because people would think he’s manipulative and creepy.

‘He had it installed as a security measure – you make him seem like some twisted control freak!’ says Tim.

‘You either can’t see or won’t see what is right in front of you! Alya, Ryan, Cathy, Elaine! I think he’s a nasty bully and a liar!’ yells Sally.

Tim ends the argument – for now- by saying, He’s my dad! He brought me up and fed me! What do you expect me to do? Cut him out of my life? Well I’m not going to do that! Not for you or anybody!’

This whole situation is so difficult for Tim. In time, he’ll realise of course, the truth about his father; but no one, no matter how old they are, wants to admit that their parent is a controlling, manipulative, lying, cheating bully.

By Ruth Owen

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Anonymous said...

The Geoff\Yasemeen storyline that's supposedly to raise awareness about coeresive control abuse has become a farce with Geoff getting away with murder literally!
Every week viewers are teased with the possibility Geof will finally get his comeuppance and every week he gets the upper hand and wins again!
What is the point of raising awareness of this abuse if the abuser gets away with his every scheme?
Victims will feel there's no point going to the police after seeing Geoff win every time.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Isn't there another twist coming with Nicky getting involved? I really don't see the point anymore. We've been endlessly told that Geoff will get his comeuppance so there's no tension. BGT final is Saturday 10 October so does that mean the storyline will come to a head in six weeks and the fall-out will go on to the end of the year?

Anonymous said...

It was the same with Phelan, the stories were gripping at first but then they just go on and and on and begin to lose their impact.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm finding the Geoff-Yasmeen storyline the only one worth watching at the moment. Not just the storyline and the actors depicting Geoff and Yasmeen but even that tedious pairing of Alya and Ryan (and the two good looking but mediocre actors who play them) have gained a bit of energy. As for the story dragging on...if it's a choice between yasmeen and Geoff and the Leanne, Steve, Oliver bore fest (which is supposed to be so heartbreaking) or the ridiculous Shona story line, or the tiresome Chesney and Bernie, keep it going for as long as can be done! Amd for once, this is a storyline that SHOULD be depicted as unfolding very slowly. Unlike the numerous deaths and disappearances that dogged Phelan for a ridiculous length of time, this type of abuse often does, unfortunately, last for years. It can prove very hard to ever really bring the perpetrator to justice.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree.

Although I think the story is dragging its feet a little and needs to draw towards a conclusion, it's still the only storyline worth watching, the others are dire!
Once it's over, what other storylines will keep me watching? Daniel getting women to dress up in his dead wife's clothes? Shona acting like a five year old? Gemma being her usual insufferable self? Teen dramas I don't care about? Or Gary being the worst villain ever?


The show is so bad right now!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments. I know first hand that abusers lie and cheat there way out of everything, and it can take time for justice to be done, but this is getting silly, it needs to be speeded up. I used to sit and watch coronation Street religiously, now it's on in the background while I do other things. Its getting boring. I have also said, if Geoff doesn't get what he deserves, I won't watch it again.

Unknown said...

It's like the phelan story going on and on with Geoff nothing will come of it probably phelan died and that was it if you think back when Richard Holman killed his wife with a spade nothing happend there is no proper ending to these story lines not boring now

Corrie fan said...

I'm really enjoying this storyline. It's not being rushed and us being played out brilliantly by all actors. It takes ages for baddies to get their comeuppance. Remember Richard Hillman? Corrie us very good at doing these storylines although I did find the Pat Phelan one a bit too long

Suzanne said...

Some storylines do go on far to long

Chele2701 said...

As a woman who was in a controlling relationship I'm finding this storyline hard to watch...but it is also being done very well! These kinds of relationships don't come and go within a few months, mine lasted over 2 years and the after effects are still with me 7 years later. Well done Corrie for portraying what it can be like rather than sensationalising it over a few weeks!


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