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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Corrie producer: "No live episode - or Bet Lynch - for Corrie's 60th"

News in today from The Daily Star is that Coronation Street want Julie Goodyear to return to the show as Bet Lynch.

And not just that but the tabloid says that Corrie producer Iain MacLeod has told them exclusively that he's in talks with Julie Goodyear to bring her back to the soap.   And then he says he isn't. 

Come on, Daily Star, what are you playing at?

The Star quotes Iain MacLeod as saying this:“Bet is an icon. The idea of bringing her back is talked about occasionally. As any Corrie viewer would say, she is up there in the pantheon of Corrie greats. So it’s always tempting to bring her back.

“We have a very strong hand of cards to play, so I’m enjoying making the best of it. We are lucky that a lot of the iconic characters are still in the show. Ken, Rita...and then Roy Cropper entered the echelons of iconic characters a long time ago. People are always asking me about what will be next for those characters. We have got more than enough talent on the show at the moment.”

And he added this about bring back Bet: “At the moment we’ve not given in to the temptation. There are no plans to do that…yet.”

And speaking of the 60th anniversary this year? Iain says: “We won’t be doing a live episode. It’s time to do something different. But it won’t be any less ambitious. We are going to be telling the stories in a slightly different way. It’s important when you’re celebrating a milestone that you don’t purely look back at times past, but also find a way to renew and look to what the next 60 years might be like.”
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nandl said...

The character of Bet will be 80 this year. I'd rather remember her as the brilliant character she was than see her tottering around as an elderly caricature of herself. Besides, Julie Goodyear found the filming schedule too gruelling in her brief return in 2002. I don't think she would find it any better now, with six episodes a week...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she could manage an episode or two.

Davidsworld said...

Yes bet and Rita finally making amends over their fall out 25 years ago


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