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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – February 2 2020

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Sinead made a surprise return to Coronation Street this week when Daniel mistakenly thought his dead wife was back in the flat. She was wearing her old dressing gown. She was tending to their baby, Bertie. She had long blonde hair and simpering voice. But she wasn’t Sinead. She was Bethany. Actress Katie McGlynn reprised her role as Sinead and Daniel snogged her.  But he’s got more on his mind after baby Bertie contracts measles because Daniel didn’t have him vaccinated. Maria’s mum didn’t have her daughter vaccinated either when she was a child and Maria catches measles from Bertie. In a really heartbreaking scene, Maria miscarries her baby and the miscarriage is caused by the measles. It’s all very sad, and ends with Gary knocking ten bells out of Daniel and blaming him for Maria’s miscarriage. But for this Corrie fan, it didn’t end there. One “fan” of the show decided this was all my fault and emailed me (twice in case I missed their first missive) to tell me in no uncertain terms how effing and blinding wrong I was to let Gary hit Daniel. Running a Corrie fan site is hard work enough without emails like these, please stop. If you want to complain about a story – the email address is

Onto happier things now and over at the Rovers, Sally comes eye to eye and face to face with Tim’s other wife, Charlie. Charlie gets offered a job as a flight attendant flying from that London and heads off, leaving Tim with unsigned divorce papers in his hand. He also turns himself in to the cops, telling them he’s a bigamist.

Elsewhere this week, Tyrone and Fiz meet with social services to see if it’s possible to get Jade back into their lives on supervised visits with Hope. Personally I’d lock the doors, move as far away from Jade as I possibly can. And still no-one’s confirmed she’s John Stape’s daughter. All seems very odd to me.

Gemma and Chesney struggle with the quads and when Gemma sees Freshco’s advert on the back of the bus, she’s in bits. The photo of her and Chesney has been photoshopped to show two perfect parents holding their babies. Even Chesney’s not happy: “You de-gingered me!” he tells Tara. It’s a version of the truth that Freshco want to show, but one that Gemma isn’t happy with. She takes their contract to Imran to look over but he says it’s watertight and they can’t sue.

And finally this week evil Geoff continues his nasty ways with Yasmeen, forcing her to drink wine after she goes to an AA meeting with Peter. And Tracy and Steve join Claudia’s book club where they’re reading a copy of The Notebook as a way to get their marriage back on track.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Cameron McAllister and Chris Fewtrell (Monday); Sam Holdsworth (Wednesday); John Kerr and Emily Gascoyne (Friday).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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1 comment:

Newfy Pearl said...

What is Gemma's problem...ranting and raving like a lunatic once again. She feels so miserable, why wouldn't she be pleased about a photoshopped version of herself. Would she really rather a big photo of how she looks day to day in the state she says she is in. Oh my I am so tired of this storyline. Can someone tell me what they plan to do when 4 of those babies are toddlers?? And what about labour laws. Don't they usually have twins play single babies...what in the world is Corrie doing now? employing 8 to play quads? Send Gemma and Chesney off somewhere now....poor little Joseph....the only one in the house I care about at this point.


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