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Friday, 7 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review, Weds 5 Feb

Thanks (in part) to his magical blunder at the birthday party,  Geoff's gaslighting has gone from light verbal abuse to full-on psycho. As punishment for going viral (Tim's fault, but yeah blame your wife) Geoff decides to coax Yasmeen back into the magic trick box, and locks her in it, before heading to the pub with Brian. The visual metaphor is striking! Locked in darkness, a claustrophobic Yasmeen is fearful and tormented.

Bethany's disdain at bistro boss Ray has continued to boil since she found out about his sordid advances towards Michelle. Bethany, still obviously holding a grievance due to Nathan's nefarious activity, has seen fit to carry the baton, and although still working at the bistro, she revels in rubbing her boss up the wrong way by deliberately serving one of his cronies with a children's ice cream. Revenge is best served cold but is Bethany biting off more than she can chew?

Meanwhile, Tim appears to be in direct contrast to his father (or is he?) when trying to woo (or control) Sally, with the 'Stone Roses' classic 'Sally Cinnamon' and a note through the letter box. Maybe a track by fellow Mancunians 'The Smiths' would have been more appropriate for Yasmeen's miserablism and tonight's dark content, 'Barbarism begins at home' perhaps?

Speaking of which, Carla Connor quips that's Roy's latest predicament sounds like a Morrissey album title, he's equally as glum at Nina's obvious homelessness and stubborn refusal to admit it.  Scavenging around Underworld's bins, she's soon getting accosted by vagrants at Weatherfield's tent-city. I half expected Sean to turn up at one point! As darkness falls, Roy revs up the Woody and takes Carla along in the search for his niece. As it turns out; Nina is at the cafe talking to Rita and admitting that she's been sleeping rough, Roy welcomes his niece with open arms.

Rescued from the box by Tim, Yasmeen's forced entrapment seems to have made her realise that Geoff's 'accident' of locking her in it wasn't accidental at all. Professing his innocence, Geoff again tries to blame Tim's Mum for years of alcoholism and abuse; he feigns tears and heartache with a tedious reference to a Bryan Adam's love song for sympathetic effect. How long can Yasmeen take this abuse? Is Tim's Mum a reason for Geoff to act like this?

Confiding in Eileen (no stranger to Phelan's psychotic narcissism), Tim tells his her he thinks HE is causing the tempestuous atmosphere in his father's marriage. Eileen then lets it slip to Brian and Cathy about Yasmeen being trapped in the box. I think Cathy may be key in Geoff's demise?
Tim's surmising of his father's marriage is ironic if not at all ridiculous, as Sally strolls into The Rovers and shoves his marriage renewal plans back in his face.

Will she EVER agree to remarry Tim?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please may Geoff get his comeuppance very soon as I don't think I could handle watching this storyline any longer.
As for Bethany,I think her need for revenge isn't so much about what Ray did to Michelle but due to Alya getting the manager's job and not her.
I have a feeling that if Bethany was manager,she wouldn't care about what Ray did to Michelle[which is sadly hearsay without witnesses]nor would she act so unprofessional to his clients.


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