Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Roy Cropper returns to Coronation Street next week

Yay! After months away from the show while actor David Neilson starred in a stage play, Roy Cropper returns to Coronation Street next week.

On screen, Roy's absence has been explained with him away in Hastings looking after his poorly mum Sylvia.

However, his return is set to cause a bit of drama when he finds out that Cathy has let Alex move into the flat above the caff.  He tells both Cathy and Alex to pack their bags and go!

I've missed Roy a lot and will be glad to see him back.

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Cobblestone said...

I don't blame him. Moving Alex in without Roy's permission was completely out of order. Cathy does have a house of her own, and Alex living their, with or without Cathy, seems the obvious solution. I like Roy & Cathy together and look forward to their marriage, but not a fan of the contrived, ready-made family.

C in Canada said...

So glad Roy is back!
It's too bad Sylvia didn't come back with him, she'd sort Alex out sharpish! I loved Sylvia's character, she was hilarious! I had hoped she was going to replace Blanche.

Anonymous said...

I also missed Roy and I also don't blame him for throwing Cathy and Alex out.I didn't like Cathy moving Alex in without asking Roy or the way she seemed to be taking over the café as well since Anna[it seemed to me anyway]was rarely seen working there.
I also wished that Sylvia returned to sort out both Cathy and Alex.

Cobblestone said...

Let's face the elephant in the room here: I applaud Corrie for wanting to explore problems face by people with Down's Syndrome, but isn't Alex just a tad two-dimensional? How many times last week did he play the same scene, turning up late and hungover. I don't know the young actor's dramatic range, but I get the feeling the writers don't either, so they're constantly serving him up the sort of soft dialogue they know he can do (i.e. Impishly cheeky or hungover). If he's going to be shoehorned in as part of Roy's extended family, they're going to have to stretch him and make him a more interesting character rather than a mere box-ticking token.

Anonymous said...

I wish Cathy and the ghastly Alex would clear off, forever!

Anonymous said...

I was warming to Cathy but she still seems like a taker rather than a giver, and this is part of that. I agree, she has a roomy house that Alex could have stayed in. Some days I think Coronation Street's population density must be approaching Kowloon's.