Monday, 2 May 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 2 May

Monday 2nd May
STEVE SHARES HIS WORRIES WITH LIZ As Michelle busies herself planning Carla’s wedding, Steve moans that they’ve spent little time together since his return. He confides in Liz that Michelle seems to be avoiding him and Liz has to mask her concern. In the cab office Tim advises Steve that he should channel his inner caveman and show Michelle what she’s been missing. Liz confronts Michelle and demands to know if the reason she’s avoiding Steve is because of Will. How will she respond?
NICK FACES HIS FEARS Nick attends his appointment with the consultant and admits he’s scared he might lash out at Carla like he did with Leanne. The consultant recommends an MRI scan but points out that given his brain injury, it’s impossible to give an exact diagnosis. Nick leaves, upset. Gail presents Carla with a photo album to welcome her to the family and Carla is touched. She tells Nick she’s never been happier and he forces himself to hide his anxiety.
SOPHIE’S SUSPICIOUS ABOUT CAZ As Sophie heads out of the cafĂ©, she bumps into Kate and Caz coming in. Caz yelps, making out Sophie caught her injured ankle. Sophie’s incensed and confides in Kevin she never touched Caz’s ankle and she reckons she’s playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate.
ELSEWHERE In a bid to take his mind off Tony’s death, Phelan persuades Jason to accompany him to the County match. 

Monday 2nd May
MICHELLE’S GUILT GROWS Michelle admits to Liz that she kissed Will but then came to her senses and has been feeling guilty ever since. Liz assures Michelle she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Steve and she mustn’t let a stupid kiss ruin their marriage. Tim gives Steve caveman lessons.  Unimpressed, Sally tells Tim to stop embarrassing himself. Steve suggests to Michelle they have a quiet night in together but Michelle doesn’t appear to be very keen.
NICK LOSES IT AGAIN At Carla’s insistence, she and Nick try on their wedding rings. Nick’s overcome with emotion. In the Rovers, Gail fusses over Carla and explains how she didn’t initially welcome her to the family as she thought she was a murderess but now she’s changed her opinion. David drags Nick into the Rovers back yard to ask what the consultant said. Will Nick tell him the truth? Having returned home, Nick attempts to make a cup of tea but when he accidentally pours boiling water on his hand, he loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall. Carla’s horrified.
RAIN STOPS PLAY AT YASMEEN’S BBQ While Yasmeen chivvies Sharif in the kitchen, Zeedan and Alya set up the barbecue in the garden. Alya admits she’s invited Rana along. Mary, Cathy and Rana arrive for the barbecue. Having discovered that Rana’s a nurse, Mary quizzes her about her many ailments. As the heavens open, despondent Yasmeen ushers her guests inside while smug Sally waves to her from the comfort of her conservatory. Yasmeen fumes.
ELSEWHERE Sophie questions Caz about her accident. Caz is evasive leaving Sophie even more suspicious and she voices her suspicions about Caz’s accident to a defensive Kate.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder is this going to be Michelle's storyline for the next few months,being sulky at Steve because she feels 'guilty'for cheating on him with Will? If Michelle feels that guilty then she should tell Steve and let the chips fall where they may instead of taking it on him when he is trying to make it up to her.

Zagg said...

I really can't stand Sophie Webster and her predatory disguised as caring behaviour. Every bloody woman who crosses her path gets the Sloppie Webster treatment, which is seek and destroy until I get what I want and try to make the viewers empathetic. I am just so sick of her. I almost choked when she threw around the Christian card about forgiveness. Puleeze.......

Anonymous said...

Oh Zagg, I so agree with you.

"predatory disguised as caring behaviour" - absolutely spot on!

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