Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pics: Gemma gets her man in Coronation Street

Regular readers will know that I (Glenda) am a huge Gemma fan. I know she's not everyone's cup of tea but that vulnerability she's shown has really endeared her to me.  And the comedy dialogue she's been given has been great to watch too.
Tomorrow night, Friday 6 May, Gemma gets to grips with Jason.  Now then, we all know that Jason's going through torment at the moment after his dad Tony has just passed away. And Jason's struggling to cope. But Gemma doesn't know that, and so when Jason decides to cuddle up with Gemma, she thinks it means more than it really does.

I'm looking forward to this a lot. Ooh, I love a double Corrie on a Friday night.

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Laura said...

Long live Gemma!!

Anonymous said...

This seems to becoming a trend,first Alya has a drunken one night stand with Jason due to her grief after her father died in the Victoria Flats fire caused by Tracy and now he's doing the same to Gemma because he's grieving of his father Tony.
Gemma is growing on me and she deserves better than being used by Jason!

Anonymous said...

This is the final boinking duty for Jason. He has puckered up and serviced Weatherfield well.

HR Doctor said...

Hell would freeze over before he chose Gemma over Eva...

C in Canada said...

He must have been bladdered to even look twice at Gemma! lol

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