Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Heartbreak for Craig Tinker in Coronation Street

There's an interview with Colson Smith, who plays Craig Tinker in Coronation Street, over at the Radio Times website.

Colson reveals that there's a bumpy ride coming up for Craig on Corrie when girlfriend Caitlin dumps him. Poor lad.

Caitlin is off to live in Dundee and stuns Craig with the news that she's moving away. He tells Caitlin he'll move away with her but she turns his offer down.
Colson says: "If I was Craig’s mate, I’d probably say man up! And tell him that there’s plenty more fish in the sea."

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Anonymous said...

Didn't think it would last. Always thought he was more into her than she was in him. Poor boy.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised.

Alan Taylor said...

Poor Craig he's a great lad in corrie

C in Canada said...

Poor Craig! You always remember your first love.
Craig's a star and I hope CS keeps him on always.

Anonymous said...

Aww. Why couldn't they let Craig be happy? Craig and Caitlin make a lovely couple, they work well together. They have a big connection in their love of art. Maybe it's because they do work so well together that the tptb broke them up?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are clearing the way for Craig and Faye to become an item.

coconno196 said...

Oh no! Craig and Caitlin make a lovely couple with their shared love of art. It also makes a change for soap teenagers not to be jumping into bed. But please, don't pair him off with Faye, which would be pervy, as she's too young for him. I much prefer him in the concerned big brother rôle.

Anonymous said...

The Craig character is a gem. I didn't like the girlfriend as she seemed stilted, snobbish and distracted. He needs a girlfriend who is a lot of fun without being a tear away.

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