Sunday, 8 May 2016

Coronation Street's nod to the past with Blackpool tram

Pictures released by ITV today show an upcoming storyline filmed in Blackpool.  It appears that little Jack goes missing in Blackpool and when Jenny Bradley finds him, there's an altercation with a tram.

It's a wonderful nod to Corrie's past and to Jenny's story about her dad, Alan Bradley, when he was killed by a Blackpool tram after chasing Rita.

To be reminded of that classic scene, or to watch it again for the first time, have a look below:

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Zagg said...

My goodness, how many times is Jenny going to be put in a situation with little Jack? It's so contrived, it makes my head spin. What the heck are the writers thinking?

Baby Fish said...

And it looks like a new Jack? At least 3 years older than the old one. I'd much rather have a child who is true to their character's age, and rarely seen, then have the child age for the sake of having them take more screen time.

Cobblestone said...

The new Jack is exactly the same age as the character is meant to be (5, I think). It seems jarring because the last boy in the role looked very small for his age.

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