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Coronation Street Weds 4th May episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. I bet you thought I'd forgotten! Apologies for my lateness- I was buried under uni work last night.

It's breakfast time at number 8 as Gail talks about her leaky taps. Jason is coming round to fix them later. As she pours her tea, Sarah comes dancing down the stairs, thrilled that Harry has finally slept the night right through. Seeing that her sister-in-law is in need of a break, Kylie invites Sarah to the salon for a free makeover. How lovely of her. Jason is still broken up over the sudden death of his dad but he gladly calls round to the Grannexe to fix the leaky taps as it was the last project he and Tony worked on together. It's Sarah who's got the problem with that room and we all know why. When Jason asks her to fetch some tools in for him, she can't control herself and goes into panic mode. Almost revealing all to Jason, she screams "He's in there". Jason is obviously confused but Sarah quickly gabbles something about Richard Hillman and how she's been having nightmares about him when Gail lands back and whisks Sarah off for her salon treatment.

"She's got a six week old baby. She's entitled to look scruffy"

Over at the salon, it seems that David and Kylie have managed to put Sarah at ease and she seems a lot calmer than earlier. All seems to be going well. Well- this is the Platt family. Not all can be going well.  Unfortunately, Gail was not on tap to babysit as she was off out on a shopping trip with Audrey so baby Harry is left in the hands of Uncle Nick. Oh dear. But before that, the mood is heightened even further when Gail and Audrey return from said shopping trip- the older of the two ladies having indulged in what she thinks is sophistication. In preparation for her grandson's wedding, Audrey has only gone and bought herself a most fascinating fascinator. The concurrent events at number 8 aren't quite as fascinating as Audrey's fascinator. That pesky brain damage is playing up again and Nick has the usual angry meltdown when Sarah asks why her baby is crying in the corner. When Sarah asks Nick if she can move back in with him, he angrily refuses- practically roaring at her he storms out and slams the door. Closing the episode, we Sarah turn on her leaky taps as she sits at the table and cries. She's a ticking time-bomb and I am most looking forward to the beginning of the end of the Callum conundrum.

Elsewhere, Sean has booked a holiday for himself and Billy as a surprise.  Unfortunately, Billy does not react to the news how Sean had hoped. He is dismayed. Sean has gone and booked this holiday without giving a second thought to Billy's work. Sean tries to justify his actions by insisting that they need a holiday. There's something deeper here though. Billy is undoubtedly worried about more than just getting time off from work. That's the secret of soap. Everyone has a secret. Earlier in the episode,  we see Lee- the street urchin who Billy has been giving money to- trying to hassle Steve out of some money.  Billy vaguely warns Steve of the dodgy character before chasing after him and we are still left guessing as to who this boy is.
"He demands money from people but he's not facing up to his real problems"

The wonderful comedy duo of Eileen and Tim are slacking off in the cab office when they hear nobody's favourite couple Kate and Caz having an argument in the flat upstairs. When Kate hears Caz's phone ringing, she decides to answer it and Caz's full name is revealed to be Caroline. How unlike her. It's her support officer and Caz is quick to shoo her girlfriend out of the flat before continuing her conversation. Obviously, Kate lingers at the door for a second and overhears the conversation.  Rather oddly, when the officer suggests she pay her a home visit, Caz abruptly refuses; it is out of the question for some reason. Kate can't help but question Caz on this later but the Not So Sweet Caroline typically turns the whole thing into a nonsensical row, playing the Sophie card. Because Sophie and Kate kissed. Once. Get over  it, Caroline. They patch things up and Caz agrees to finally forget about the kiss. Yeah, right.

"Hello. Caroline's phone"

To finish on a lighter note, comedy last night was provided by Tim and Eileen as well as the Nazirs. The garden fence war continues between the two ladies of numbers 4 and 6. Yasmeen is having Pat Phelan measure the garden for an extension, pushing it to the absolute limit in order to annoy a certain Mrs Metcalfe. She will get her orangery, come hell or Sally Metcalfe. When the hapless but loveable Tim mistakenly gives Eileen some advice on her telephone manner, the matriarchal Grimshaw accuses him of sticking his nose in, just like he stuck his nose into the sex life of Steve and Michelle. Clattering down on him like a ton of cobblestone bricks, Eileen tells him how Michelle is furious and cleverly uses the whole thing as an allegory for him to keep his trap shut.

"If your tips on keeping customers happy are anything like your advice on seduction,
we'd be bust in six months!"

A rather enjoyable episode with some fabulous comic moments. Eileen works particularly well well as a comedy character when paired with a man she can berate. Performance of the episode goes to Tina O'Brien as Sarah. I am excited to see that bomb go off.

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Cobblestone said...

Kiley & the rest of the salon staff are not familiar with fascinators. Really? How many women must they have had in attending weddings &c and bringing in their fascinators to have their hair done.
And big continuity fail - Sean referred to this Ibiza holiday as his and Billy's 'first holiday together'. Wrong - last year they disagreed over where to go away and eventually compromised by spending half the holiday walking in the Lakes (Billy's choice) and the other half clubbing in the Med (the predictably stereotyped Sean). If Sean has genuinely forgotten they went on that trip, then perhaps that explains his booking the kind of trip Billy dislikes and excepting him to stump up for it. Such a self-obsessed, narcissistic character!

Anonymous said...

I thought exactly the same thing about the fascinator Cobblestone. There's no way they wouldn't know what they were.

Also Kate answering Caz's phone? I wouldn't answer my husband's phone unless he asked me to.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Sean and Billy going the distance. They have absolutely nothing in common. If they do break up, I really hope the ptb keep Billy in the program as I am really fond of him.

Anonymous said...

My hubby calls them Fantizers!

coconno196 said...

Ditto re fascinators, though it was rather big, looked more like a hat to me.

Absolutely no need to answer other folk's phones in these days of voicemail, but how else would soap characters find out stuff they're not supposed to?

Makes no sense why Billy would give self-obsessed blabbermouth Sean the time of day, it goes against all Billy's Christian values. Good to see him getting decent storyline at last, but I do think he has a dark side or a shady past, as evidenced by the scary way he broke up the fight between Phelan and Johnny. Maybe he became a vicar to make up for his previous crimes or misdemeanours?

Jordan Lloyd Beck said...

How do you mean it goes against his Christian values? I don't see what he sees in Sean and I don't think they're suited. Billy could do way better. I'd hate to think he had a shady past. That'd be such a soap cliché.

Jordan Lloyd Beck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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