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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Why I'm loving Faye's baby storyline on Coronation Street

I am loving, absolutely loving the Faye baby storyline on Coronation Street right now. It's a storyline, I feel, where everyone has upped their game in terms of acting and writing and is one of the best things about Corrie right now.  

Ellie Leach, who plays Faye and Colson Smith who plays Craig have been playing a blinder for weeks. Debbie Rush as Anna is on top form too. So good that I've started shouting at her on the telly screen. That's always a good sign that an actor's doing their job right. When they do it wrong, I get bored, lose interest and start playing with my phone.

So here's my message to Anna. "
She's just THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, for heaven's sake. Anna, please, leave Faye alone and get her some help!"

Get some help. Call Social Services.  Do a DNA test on Jackson if that makes you feel better, but what difference will it make?  Even if it's proven that Jackson's the baby's dad, what will happen then? He can hardly cough up maintenance to Faye for the baby from his pocket money. 

Jackson's as much in the fog of this mess as Faye is. Anna is too, we can all see that, it's an unknown situation for them all. Anna feels guilty for not noticing Faye was pregnant and in her guilt over not taking responsibility for Faye she's forcing Faye to take responsibility for the baby.

"I'll show you how to mek up a bottle," Anna tells Faye, minutes after the baby and Faye return home from th'ospickle with Faye still in a state of shock and very much in denial. Has anyone sat down and asked Faye what she wants to do? NO!

Faye is JUST THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, SHE'S A CHILD.  Yes, I know I'm shouting. I'm angry with Anna.  She needs reminding that Faye is a child, a little girl, with no idea of the enormity about what's happened to her life.

This is the same Faye, the same child, who once looked after baby Joseph for Katy when Katy needed help.  Left alone with baby Joseph, Faye thought she was doing the right thing when she nipped outside to get rid of a dirty nappy - and then she locked herself out of the house while the grill pan was on for cheese on toast.  The house set on fire with baby Joseph locked inside.  Faye is a child, she is not responsible for her own actions yet.

Anna is wrong, so wrong, to even think for one moment that Faye can look after a child without help from Social Servcices. Get on the phone to them now, Anna, quick, before the grill pan goes on again when Faye and the baby are left home alone.

Glenda Young 
Flaming Nora Blog / Twitter  

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Anonymous said...

EXACTLY!!!! My thoughts exactly! It is driving me mad how Anna is basically forcing Faye to keep the baby without asking Faye what she wants to do. When Owen hints at adoption, Anna knows what he is saying but doesn't want to give up the baby. Anna is the problem not Faye. Faye should be allowed to take control of her own life and her baby's life. If Faye wants to give up the baby she can, and if she wants to keep it she can. It is Faye's choice and no one else's.

- Pod

Anonymous said...

When Anna had a go at Owen for even suggesting adoption I was struck by a fairly glaring paradox. Faye is only part of that family because of adoption. So when she's doing the adopting Anna's okay with it, but when the boot's on the other foot adoption is an unspeakable wrong. So, yes, I found myself yelling at the screen too.

Anonymous said...

Faye is too young, although hard and I could not give up a child she should have baby adopted. Get another story line in 13-20 years when the grown up child arrives to find her mother. And Cory has done the keep the baby story line with Sarah Lou!

Tvor said...

I agree fully. It's a really good storyline and it's clear that Anna is so tied up in guilt that she's going about it all the wrong way. Surely Social Services will get involved anyway? If she forces Faye to keep the baby and Faye really wants to give it up, I can see Faye walking out with the baby and leaving at the hospital as the original plan went. Who's going to stop her if she says she's taking the baby for a walk?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Whilst I love Faye and Craig in this storyline and, my word, the young actors deserve every award going, there are some things not quite right.

First, social services and the education department wouldn't wait for a phone call from Anna. They would be there, advising and checking on safety in the home. Where's the health visitor? Faye is a high priority case.

I don't like the way everyone is reacting the same, pragmatic way. That is, apart from Owen, who is seen as a baddie, as with Jackson's parents. I'd have thought Sally would be making judgemental comments behind Anna's back. At least one adult character should not be coping well with the new situation. I love Tim, but it would have been better if he'd been outraged to start with and accusing Anna of all sorts. Then he could come round to the idea and be the wonderful granddad.

The actors are doing a good job, particularly Ellie Leach and Colson Smith. I'm annoyed that, again, the professionals aren't represented accurately in the writing. In this storyline, they're hardly there! SB made a big thing out of wanting to do it right, so let's see some evidence of agencies trying to do their job and, maybe, Anna resisting them.

Frosty the Snowqman said...

Frosty heartily dislikes Anna and the way she is behaving in this storyline is just underlining it. As you say Faye is a child herself and has no idea of the enormity of the stuation, yet all Anna thinks about is what SHE wants, SHE wants to keep the baby and obviously so does grandaddy Tim. The glaring absence of social services who would talk to Faye about her needs is ridiculously absent in addition the lax attitude of the neighbours. In my and any neighbourhood we would all be shocked to the core if this happened. I just wish Anna had gone with Owen.


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