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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Queen Carla casts her spell over Nick

I make no secret of the fact that Carla Connor is one of my favourite characters on our hallowed street. It is her courage, her guts, her no nonsense approach to her business, her staff and her life, that I admire. She is a survivor, never allows herself to be the victim for long and does not allow herself to dwell much in self-pity, before she is up and at 'em. She is hard-edged. rarely allows emotions to dominate her in public, and if you cross her, well there's not much chance of you remaining in favour in her court. Her treatment of her staff is how all teachers should treat their pupils - fair but firm. Her tolerance of Sally, whose pretensions to being a top flight PA are always amusing, and her willingness to give Alya, bright but naive, are examples of her wise and fair treatment. She expects her staff to knuckle down though and that is her firmness. All her staff seem to respect her too and it's a good idea to have the staff call her Mrs. Connor as a show of respect.

It's old hat to suggest that Carla is the new Elsie Tanner - part of Carla's character is similar but Carla has the ambition in the world of work, she's a businesswoman, pretty much married to her business. Carla's wish to succeed in business satisfies a need in her. Maybe, if she had gone on to have the baby that she so tragically lost, she would have been different - but maybe not. Carla's drive and determination to succeed may have its origin in her difficult upbringing. Carla and younger brother Rob, had an alcoholic, drug-addicted mother, who didn't seem very interested in her children.

Carla, despite her hard exterior, has, as we know a very soft side. So brilliant was the plan to forge the unlikely friendship of Hayley and Carla, and how touching to witness the growing affection between these women. If Carla has a hard carapace, it was Hayley, who, without even trying, cracked it.  Now Hayley is dead, Carla is protctive of Roy and what works so well is the mutual care and affection these two show for each other.

So, will the woman who Grace Dent describes as 'an alluring vision, raven-haired, classy, sultry and replete with guile,' be happy in a relationship with Nick? We got clear signs last night that there was a  gentle, mutual attraction as he offered to help her with her computer. There is no denying that their lives have been troubled, especially of late.

Some may accuse Leanne and Carla of swapping one man too many, but will Nick and Carla  find something in each other that makes them want to to stay together? My honest feeling is that Nick is a little too dull for Carla, not enough of a bad boy and not thrilling enough. That said, they are both business people, so have that in common and having both gone through so much lately, especially Carla, who reported her brother to the police for murder and having been narrowly saved from death after the bus crash, may well want a quieter life and so Nick might suit. Having had a dalliance with the feisty Erica seems to have returned Nick's confidence and now, he too may wish for something more steady, as neither he nor Erica wanted a lasting relationship with each other.

It may well be the case that the budding relationship will be a slow burn, a gradual appreciation of the others' merits and the welcome though steady pleasure of companionship.

It may well be the case that I am completely wrong! Whatever the outcome, it will make for compelling viewing.

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Anonymous said...

What a brilliant post!

People like Roy and Hayley have influenced Carla a lot and she's a fantastic character portrayed by an actress who understands her perfectly.
She is a strong woman and I love her no nonsense approach but I also love that she shows vulnerability.
She is fierce but in the words of Roy Cropper "She has a heart as big as Lancashire".

I'm looking forward to watching Nick and Carla interact more and I like the idea of a closer friendship between them. As for a romance, well, I'm happy to wait and see where TPTB are going with this storyline...

vintgal003 said...

Excellent overview, which I thank you for! I hope this turns into a solid friendship..not a romance...but a great friendship... *Happy Easter* Ruth...

ruth owen said...

Thank you so much Vintga1003!

ruth owen said...

Anonymous at 23.23 Thank you so much. And thank you for the reminder of Roy saying, 'She has a heart as big as Lancashire.'

abbyk said...

I think they worked well as friends tonight. No romantic sparks, and that doesn't bother me one bit. He isn't smart enough for her to have a meaningful partnership (and frankly, I'd like to see him back with Leanne and Simon) However, they could be an interesting doubles act, maybe best pals who leave everyone wondering are they or aren't they. They're both business owners, so they don't have peers at their workplaces. Maybe she could be his quasi work wife, &VV, or perhaps it's time to get them into WARTS so they can be together but not TOGETHER.

maggie muggins said...

Writing like this, Ruth, adds a lot to our viewing pleasure! I like Carla too, and sometimes it's nice to have the character's qualities put into words that breathe even more life into them.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why does Carla who always reminds me of Fenella Fielding have to have a bloke all the time? An independent strong woman, just out of a traumatising marraige with Peter when she found out he was carrying on with the babysitter and she lost her baby, why does she have to jump into bed with the first available neighbour? And Nick of all people, another one of Leanne's cast offs. Just very poor lazy writing in Frosty's opinion and even MORE scenes with members of the Platt family. It just may as well be called Plattination Street.

Anonymous said...

Fab post, Ruth! :)

I'll admit to being a massive fan of Carla and I'm just waiting for her to get a good storyline! If it happens to involve Nick, that's fine with me. I am not a fan of him and frankly, I'm not convinced Carla would go there but as long as it leads to AK getting some good material, it'll work. She can make anything work.

I am hoping it will be a slow burner, though. I'd like to be able to enjoy watching a friendship between them first without complaining about how contrived the scenes are.

Come on, writers, please don't mess this one up.

ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Maggie Muggins!

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