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Friday, 10 April 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 10 April

Friday 10th April
ANNA PULLS OUT ALL THE STOPS FOR FAMILY UNITY. Faye continues to avoid any contact with her baby, feeling a stab of jealousy as Tim lovingly cuddles his granddaughter. With the social worker due, Faye grabs the opportunity to escape and offers to pop to the shop. Alone with Sophie, Faye bursts into tears, admitting she wants nothing to do with the baby. Sophie urges her to tell Anna. As the social worker questions the family about the baby and how they’re going to cope, Anna does her best to appear positive. But will Faye break and admit she wants to give the baby away?
TRACY PUSHES ALL OF TONY’S BUTTONS. Liz tells a thrilled Michelle how Tony has agreed to pay for their wedding. Not wanting Steve to feel even more indebted to Tony, Liz makes out she’s funding the wedding out of some savings. Steve’s delighted whilst Tony quietly fumes. Realising what’s going on, a sympathetic Tracy points out to Tony that Liz is clearly using him to bankroll her family. Has Tracy got Tony where she wants him?
TODD UPS THE ANTE. Todd goes on Eileen’s dating website and masquerades as potential love interest Jeff, telling her how he’d like to rub oil into her back. Unaware of Todd’s deception, Eileen sends a flirtatious reply. Todd smirks.
ELSEWHERE Sally’s put out when Carla invites Alya out for dinner to discuss her design website.

Friday 10th April
ANNA AND OWEN PICK OVER THE BONES OF THEIR LIVES. Faye’s adamant she doesn’t want to keep her baby. Anna insists Faye’s just confused but Owen reckons they should listen to Faye. Anna shoots him a venomous look. The social worker leaves, assuring Faye that they’ll work out what’s best for both she and the baby. Sensing the tension between Anna and Owen, Gary takes Faye out. Anna and Owen have the mother of all rows. Each blaming the other for all the disasters that have befallen their family. As the row escalates, Anna finally snaps and tells Owen she doesn’t love him any more. Reeling, can a devastated Owen save his relationship?
SARAH AND CALLUM CIRCLE EACH OTHER. In the gym, Sarah eyes up Callum whilst Bethany eyes up Zeedan. Will Sarah let on to Bethany that she and Jason aren’t really back together?
TODD DISCOVERS TRACY’S SECRET After a bit of afternoon delight with Tracy, Tony heads home to Liz, dropping his wallet in haste. When Tony calls in the shop, Tracy surreptitiously hands him his wallet and they share a brief kiss. Having witnessed their exchange Todd confronts Tracy, accusing her of an affair with Tony. Tracy offers him a pay rise in return for his silence, revealing she has big plans for the business up her sleeve. Can Tracy buy Todd’s silence?
ELSEWHERE Seeing Faye upset, Alya postpones her business dinner with Carla and asks Faye for some teen fashion advice for her website. Having been stood up by Alya, Carla makes to leave the bistro, but Nick insists she stays and has dinner with him. Will Carla and Nick enjoy each other’s company?

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Anonymous said...

Ever since Tim first landed on the Street, I felt that eventually the plan was to put him with Anna.

Sorry to say that I think I'm going to be proved right.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm seems to me they seem to be making one of Frosty's favourites, Liz McDonald, into yet another pretty dislikeable character. Do she and Michelle ever do any work? Seem to just stand behind the bar, arms folded chatting.

Anonymous said...

Whereas Bet, Betty and Annie used to rush round like mad hatters? I don't think so.

Cobblestone said...

Think Frosty's right. Liz has evolved into a characature of herself. She was always a bit tarty but that ridiculous dress she wore for her meal with Tony was self-parodic. She used to be one of the sympathetic 'straight' characters but is now presented as a figure of fun (sans the fun!) in real life, Liz would be savvy enough get how passé that ridiculous 1970s Spanish flamenco doll is - she's not Vera Duckworth. Bellowing "Can YOU serve her" across the bar at Tony made me cringe.

Zagg said...

Run Tony run! Tracy is right, Liz is using him to bankroll her family. The idea of Tony paying for Steve and Michelle's wedding is absurd. They are adults. Steve has had six weddings! Either wait until they can afford it or just go to city hall and sign the register, few drinks in the Rovers. Done. To have Mummy's boyfriend pay for the seventh is ridiculous. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Anonymos,Betty was cooking the hotpot which sadly doesn't seem to be offered anymore.As for the wedding doesn't the bride's family usally pay for it? So why doesn't Michelle unfold her arms to call her family and tell them she's getting married?
I also wonder why is Sarah still on the street and not on her way back to Milan?She's acting like a teenager around Callum instead of a mother in her thirties.No family loyalty with her that's for sure,whatever Sarah wants Sarah gets.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I think there will be a storyline about Anna wanting to be more than friends with Tim, and/or Sally thinking there's something between them. I don't see a permanent partnership after Faye's baby is (hopefully) adopted. Certainly before Michael le Vell went off the second time, there could have been a plan to bring Kev and Sally back together which would have left Tim free to hook up with Anna. That boat's sailed as tptb must know everyone loves Tim and Sally together.

As for Liz, Bev Callard said, before her return, that she wanted Liz to have matured. On her arrival,she was not too happy about some of the dresses she was being made to wear. Anyway, Liz was supposedly running an up-market health spa in Spain. She would surely have developed a more sophisticated style.

Anonymous said...

Zagg you said exactly what I was thinking why on earth is it up to Tony to pay for his girlfriend's middle-aged son's wedding? Come on.
Humpty, Like you I really would like to see Faye's baby adopted out of that crazy family.
Anon, I am also wondering why on earth Sarah is still hanging around thought she had a great job in Milan (unbelievable considering she didn't even finish highschool)what the hell does she see in waster Callum.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous and Humpty,I agree that Faye giving up the baby for adoption would be the best for all concerned and it bothered me that Anna broke up with Owen for suggesting it.
I also forgot to add to my last post is why would Kal allow a drug dealer in his gym?I also how wonder how is it possible that Sarah and Bethany have memberships since they've been back only a few days?

Anonymous said...

Faye's baby isn't going anywhere.

abbyk said...

Over the past few years when a beloved character is leaving, they've managed to make them so stupid or jealous or pointless and then give them tons of screen time that by the time they take that last ride down the cobbles, you can only say good riddance. Tina, Becky, Graeme (weighted down by Xin), Brian, Claire, Liam,... This week, we saw Owen, a horrible bully of a character, one at whom I've wanted to throw a brick for years, Owen Armstrong clearly behaving as the only adult in the room, a calm, reasoned presence. Who is this guy, why did it take so long for him to show up, and why oh why does he have to leave now? The street needs more men like the Owen we saw this week. Down on his luck, he's still a mensch. (Good mensch support from Gary, Alya and Yasmeen, btw)

And then there's St. Anna of Maternal Martyrdom. Doesn't bother to tell either of her employers that she's not coming back, she'll just go on the dole for a while and take care of Faye's unwanted baby. A formula for success if ever we saw one. May I throw Owen's brick at her now?

Beth said...

I'm still watching the episode but I just had to vent, get it off my chest somewhere on how upset/ appalled / angry/ disgusted I am on how Tracy spoke to Faye in this episode. I get that Tracy is the street's baddy but there is a line and Tracy not only crossed the line, she was so over the line she couldn't see it. She was vile. I get that communities gossip and people pass remarks but there's a limit. Faye's 13. This programme is all about mean and nasty these days. I'm about done!

Anonymous said...

Beth, I agree with every word you wrote!

Anonymous said...

Re Anna quitting her jobs and thinking she can just go in the dole - I hope the show portrays that you can't do that. The government won't pay you a penny for a set amount of time if you willingly give up paid employment.

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