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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fools - Neighbours Harold not going to be on Corrie

Sadly, Ian Smith won't be appearing on Coronation Street as Harold Bishop - as we know of!!

It was an April Fools joke by me!

It would have made a good storyline wouldn't it? Care to pinch it writers?

Sorry if I disappointed a lot of you! 

Look, even Emily's disappointed!

I posted the original post at 11.15 but it didn't appear on social media until after 12 so sorry it was a bit late in the day. And it's now that I'm able to get to a computer. Have a great day everyone!

by Llifon

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Vicky said...

If there was ever a crossover between neighbours and Corrie you would lose me as a viewer. Neighbours is trash compared to Corrie. Here in OZ soap story lines go from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Rachael Louise Gerrard said...

Such A Shame, Good April Fools Joke Though

Beth said...

I fell for it hook line and sinker and was actually looking forward - well done Llifon. I think they should listen, it's actually quite a good idea :) x

Martin Leay said...

You should copyright this Llifon before it ends up on screen!

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