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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Andy's shock secret set to be exposed

Next week on Coronation Street, a shock secret is set to be exposed.  Well, when I say it's a secret, we all know about it, but the characters involved don't. Not yet, any way.

Inside Soap magazine reveal that David will find out that Gavin's not Gavin, he's Andy after all.  David will notice Gail start to act weird (well, more weird than usual) and when Sophie mentions to David that Gail keeps popping into the shop to buy flowers, David gets suspicious. 

He follows his mum the next time she pops into Dev's shop for a bouquet and strolls off behind her, wondering where she goes. Gail heads to the cemetery and lays the flowers on the real Gavin's grave.

Staggered by the discovery, David will challenge Gail and she is mortified when she realises the secret is out in the open.

What will David do with the information, I wonder? And how much longer can Gail keep the truth from Michael?

Glenda Young
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Tvor said...

It doesn't make sense to me why Gail would continue to put flowers on the grave of the man that blackmailed her even if it is Michael's son. I suppose she's doing it on his behalf and out of guilt for keeping the secret but even he wouldn't be putting flowers on every few days.

Cobblestone said...

Did we ever get an indication that Gail has continued to put flowers on Joe's grave? Or her grandson, Billy's? Or even Bryan's? But she's off up that cemetary every other day with a wilting floral tribute from Dev's, for a slightly scary chinwag with the headstone of a man she only met twice and who was vile to her on both occassions. I GET that she feels obliged to mark his death in some way vicariously on Michael's behalf, but this is seriously stretching credibility!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well Cobblestone this is obviously another glaring plot contrivance - one for more Plannination Street and for Michael to find out the truth and get very upset. You would think Gail would leave well alone though wouldnt you!!?? All the deaths in Corrie and I think this is the first time we have ever had a scene in a graveyard!

Anonymous said...

David never gave a damn about what Gail got up to before but all of a sudden he starts following her around? Sure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,David already caught his mother buying flowers for 'herself'and coupled with the fact she blew off his mediation custody meeting to visit Gavin's grave and lied about having to take Andy\Gavin to the hospital,it's understandable he becomes suspicious.I just hope he's the villan for teliing Michael the truth.

Anonymous said...

OOps.I meant to say I hope David is not the villan if he tells Michael the truth.

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