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Friday, 9 May 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 9 May

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 9TH MAY 2014 at 7.30pm
IZZY BRINGS SHAME ON HER FAMILY Izzy’s beside herself when Gary tells her they won’t receive his wage until next week and confesses to Katy that she dipped into the charity money to pay a bill. Aware that it’s £318 short, she hands the charity money envelope to Julie but as the reporter from the gazette arrives, will Izzy confess to her crime?
PETER’S RETURN ISN’T WELCOMED BY EVERYONE A nervous and shaky Peter arrives back from rehab. Wanting to see Simon, Carla calls Leanne. But will Simon want to see his troubled dad?
LLOYD NOTICES JENNA AND ANDREA’S RIFT Lloyd’s touched when Steve offers to give up fags and booze to help Lloyd give up too.
ELSEWHERE Maddie’s downbeat as she and Sophie set off to say goodbye to Ben. Tracy talks about wedding venues but Tina suggests with her lack of friends she should book a phone box.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 9TH MAY 2014 at 7.30pm
ANNA PREPARES TO DROP THE BOMB ON OWEN Owen tells Anna about Tony’s paltry offer for the business. As she psychs herself up to confess to Owen, Izzy arrives clearly upset. Will the family be shocked at Izzy’s wrongdoing and will Anna admit to her infidelity?
TINA’S DESPERATE WORRY FOR PETER SPILLS OVER Peter’s upset when Simon visits Tina but is hostile towards him. A worried Tina holds Peter’s face and assures him that he’s a good dad but will Peter be able to resist the drink and Tina for much longer?
LLOYD KNOCKS JENNA AND ANDREA’S HEADS TOGETHER Jenna agrees to stop being nasty to Andrea for Lloyd’s sake. Andrea receives a text and quickly covers it, telling Lloyd it’s nothing but what is Andrea hiding?
ELSEWHERE The factory girls are shocked to discover Izzy took the charity money, Rob and Tracy decide to hold their wedding reception in the Rovers and Sally calls round with T shirts as a peace offering for Maddie and Sophie.

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Rebecca said...

Off topic here, but I love Julie's dress in that pic.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Izzy's misdemenour will soon be forgotton just like Janis and Leanne when they nicked the lottery money. If the writers want sympathy for the Windstrongs then showing them constantly in the Rovers does not help their cause or any story about poverty which is a real issue with some families just not them.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, I very much agree.
This glossing over the financial crisis of this family shows to me a lack of understanding, interest or experience in whoever is responsible.

CS has always attempted to show various other human situations, does proper research and surely poverty is more common than most other dire circumstances it portrays.

The alluded hardship of the Windass/Armstrong family, as unpleasant as it surely is, should be addressed, heaven knows, there are enough people living in similar circumstances that can relate.

Abercrombie said...

Everything happens in the Rovers, even financial hardship it seems...ridiculous. And....surprise, surprise, where is Tracy and Rob's wedding reception going to be held? Now that was a difficult decision.

Frosty the Snowm said...

For me the Windstrongs and their cash crisis lost any credibilty for me when Phelan made Owen and Garah work for £65 for the week. Instead of buying staple food or putting it towards a bill, they went - guess where - Yes the Rovers. Then we have Katie buying dresses, drinking big glasses of wine in the expensive Bistro and stuffing her face with biscuits. Just ludicrous writing.

Anonymous said...

...not to mention the huge PILE of white cheese Izzy had grated to put on the casserole the family was making for Anna!

abbyk said...

Agree with Frosty on how the lack of experience comes through in the stories. It was the same with Lloyds heart attack joke telling. Versus the 60s writers (producers, story liners, the whole lot of them), I'd be awfully curious to know how the current group compares in terms of their outside lives: how wealthy were they when they grew up, what kind of schooling did they have, what lifestyle their paycheck afforded,... When they grew up, did they know an Ena Sharples or an Owen Armstrong? Have they ever seen someone have a heart attack? So much of what we're seeing today feels like what they know of the blue collar world is what they saw on television while they were growing up. I'm a working class American who's watched Corrie for 15 years and once spent 3 days in London. That doesn't mean I fully grasp the nuances of living paycheck to paycheck in Greater Manchester. Neither does a stellar screenwriting resume.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Katy,I wonder who is looking after Joseph and Faye while she,Sinead and Chesney are in the bistro and her family in the Rovers?
Since the money Izzy took was for a charity in Hayley's memory,I don't think it will be forgiven so easlly and I bet Fiz [who has a criminal record for fraud]will be pressuring Carla to call the police or fire Izzy.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Writers would say in their own defence that they couldn't possibly have experienced every difficulty covered in Corrie, and their expertise in writing should overcome their lack of first-hand knowledge. However, something as basic as poverty ought to be very familiar territory.

This is where we're missing the moral voice on Corrie. There's not one character who could reprimand people for drinking their meagre pittance away. Just one line of rebuke from a modern version of Percy would strike a balance. But there isn't anyone to do that; still hoping Fiz might end up with the role of moral guardian.

Anonymous said...

It's the age of no accountability, CS highlights this very well. This is where the age of the writers, or perhaps the fear of appearing out of touch with younger viewers would show itself in the lack of moral judgment. Just a thought...


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