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Saturday 24 May 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - as scary as an Arctic Roll

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Beth’s back from Latvia this week and tells Kirk she didn’t go through with the boob job:. “I’m 100% Tinker!  100% woman!”  I’m not quite sure of the purpose of that storyline or the Latvian link but I’m glad Beth’s back and that she’s not been uplifted overseas.  Beth tells Chesney and Sinead that they can have the money to invest in the kebab shop so the money’s going on doner kebabs and not d√©colletage.

Despite advice from David Platt (David Platt!) who tells Maria not to make a fool of herself, she does.  She lures Tyrone to her flat on the pretence of meeting Fiz there to talk things through and sort things out as she’s caused the couple so much grief. But there’s no Fiz and there’s no small talk. Maria tells Tyrone she wants him and she loves him.  Meanwhile over at Fiz’s house the cops arrive and tell Fiz that Kirsty can’t be the mystery texter because they have proof she’s overseas and the texts have been made in the UK.  Fiz picks up Tyrone’s phone, dials the number that the texts have been coming from and in Maria’s flat, her phone rings.  Tyrone picks it up when he sees the call is coming from Fiz, and storms out after realising that Maria’s been the one who’s been texting as Kirsty all along. Tyrone wants to press charges against Maria but Kirk and Beth talk him out of it and Maria packs her bags and heads to Cyprus with little Liam.  Beth takes Ozzy for Craig to look after while she’s away. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad this one’s over.
Rob’s suspicious when he spies Peter chatting to Tina, especially when he sees Peter hand over a credit card and tells Tina his PIN. It’s 1965 just in case you want to know, should Peter ever hand his card over to you.  Well, you never know.  Rob’s suspicions rise further when he sees Tina with a pen emblazoned, yes - emblazoned - ladies and gentlemen, with the name of the hotel he found Peter looking shifty in last week.  He knows what’s going on between Peter and Tina and storms over to the flat to tell Carla. But before he says anything to his sister, Carla rushes him out of the flat and to the hospital as she’s having stomach cramps.  Rob and Peter go to the hospital with her, with Carla afraid of losing the baby and Peter afraid of losing the plot.  Tina books train tickets for her and Peter to rail away to Portsmouth and Peter tells her he’ll go with her, just to get away from Rob.  But I’ve a feeling that neither of them are going anywhere.

Over at Underworld, Carla gives management instructions to Eva and Sally to look after things while her pregnancy develops and she might want the luxury of working from home, or not coming into work at all.  Sally assumes this means she’s being promoted and determines to devise high power flowchart management while Eva tuts behind her back.

And finally this week, Tony has a lorry load of stolen stuff he offers Rob and Tracy for the shop. They’re both keen until Tony tells them that they’ll have to drive the van of stolen goods, and that’s when Rob says he’s not interested any more. But Tracy is, and without telling Rob, she tells Tony that she’ll drive the van and nick the stuff.  Tony’s impressed by Tracy’s gumption, by eck, especially when she says she’ll still do it even thoughts it clashes with the night of her and Rob’s engagement party in the Rovers.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

As ever the scenes with Carla and Peter were excellent with the build up of the fall of Peter and Tina but all this coincidence becomes very silly with Tyrone and Fizz walking arm in arm only to constantly bump into Beth and Kirk also happening along several times at the exact same time, same as Toad and Marcus and Peter and Tina.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't understand the point of the Latvia boob-job that never was or the Maria/Kirsty text scandal, either.


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