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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Tina's left for dead

Coronation Street, TUESDAY 27TH MAY 2014
TINA PAYS THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR HER ILLICIT LOVE Tina is attacked and left for dead but who tries to kill her?

ANNA AND OWEN’S RELATIONSHIP DISINTEGRATES Owen confronts Anna asking why they never sleep together anymore. Anna refuses to answer him and asks to be taken home. When Owen demands to know what the matter is, will Anna finally confess?
GAIL GATECRASHES LEANNE AND KAL’S INTIMACY Gail confronts Leanne and Kal about their affair and insists they tell Nick the truth.
ELSEWHERE Tracy collects the van full of stolen goods and drives it to Tony’s lock-up.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait till corrie tonight owwwwwww !

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there have a issue with corrie writers/editors continuity of scenes,stories and why some scenes dont make sense? I have noticed it alot for months now and its becoming frustrating /annoying... Tonights episode had a large focus on the overplayed tina demise. Why isnt the same attention given to Anna/owen story so it can reach the touching conclusion I belive corrie is after... Quite frankly due to thin no substance writing iv lost interest of its conclusion... PITY. Also in tonights ep another example of potential of interesting story is nick brain injury/ marriage/ friendship/ recovery, potential but writers are stamping over with big boots... how the heck did gail catch leanne and kal during intamacy? Was I watching something else? She FOUND them stood talking.... How is that scene interprited as intamacy? Very poor writing/ editing and continuity of your stories corrie. this is why im becoming disapointed with some some stories and issues that corrie is takling! The potential is there but the exicution is poor... As a viewer id be more inclined to care abiyt these characters and stories if corrie put the effort into all stories otherwise whats the point in takling them on the show... Just a thought!

chevywrangler said...

I lost interest awhile ago. I skim through it on the recorder. Hoping & hoping the writing will get better. I'm not the only one in the family. The show is losing it's long time fan base slowly. I've been watching since 1971 and the writing then was much better.
The instances when Peter and tina were together and someone would walk in is comedic. You know what is going to happen before it happens. Bring back the re-runs have to be damned better than the crap they are writing now.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, the predictability of writing is is becoming laughable at times. Such injustice happening with such promising/intetesting stories. My friend pointed out a valid point that people in general and on sites like this are pulling to bits characters and stories in corrie as writers from years past developed the characters over time. Had marriges lasting more than a year without affairs etc... The beauty of these characters such as the roy and hayly characters are belivable as a couple... Corrie is so lacking this element and belivability. The writing is fractured with character/community interaction. Iv watched corrie for alot if yrs and loved the everyday normal community interaction which seems lost to todays writers.... Unless its a story driven reason which I find puts characters in issues that is unbelivable out of character. Sorry if im waffling but my frustration is hitting an all time high with corrie. CORRIE WRITERS ... Develop your characters and there relationships with time and maybe ill begin to care and belive the stories they are in.

Upintheattic said...

I agree, and this should be obvious to SB and his writers, the fact that the Hayley/Roy story got awards (well deserved), but Corrie itself didn't fair so well. I think Corrie might be dying a slow, sad, death. JMHO

Anonymous said...

It felt the story was rushed, editoring was bad, dialoc was awful and when Tina got back up with no visible injury's it was laughable. Very very bad and so staged. Poor.


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