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Saturday 17 May 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - you don't mess with Carla

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The Barlows are in traffic turmoil this week.  Peter’s fallen off the wagon and Tracy’s buying knock-off  that’s fallen off the back of a lorry.   It’s enough to drive Deirdre up the wall but sadly she’s not been in it this week.  Anyway, Peter gets stonking drunk this week after he meets Tina in a hotel bar while Carla’s waiting for him at th’ospickle  to have her first baby scan.  When Tina nips to the ladies on the way out of the clandestine meeting at the hotel with Peter, Ron walks in.  He spots Peter looking furtive in the foyer. Rob knows Peter’s up to no good and Peter’s sweating cobs in case Tina comes out of the loo while Rob’s there wondering what Peter’s up to behind his sister’s back. But Tina comes out after Rob has moved on, and Peter breathes a sigh of relief, drops Tina off in a taxi and then gets absolutely bladdered, forgetting all about his wife who has her baby scan done, alone. 

When Carla gets back to the flat she’s not best pleased, as you can imagine. And Peter’s drunk, very drunk.  There was an excellent scene between the two of them where Carla’s rage and frustration comes walloping out of her, she hits Peter, she thumps him and he’s on his knees in front of her, crying his drunken eyes out as she throws a photo of their unborn baby at him.   It was powerful stuff and it didn’t stop there.   When Carla goes to work the next day, she ensures that Peter can’t get out of the flat and into a pub. Enlisting Tracy’s help as babysitter, she leaves Peter alone with Tracy who nips out to the shops and leaves Peter alone, but she locks him in the flat first so he can’t escape – to the pub, or to Tina.   It can’t end well, just you mark my words.

Meanwhile, Tracy’s busy at the shop buying more stolen goods from Tony to sell at Barlow’s Buys.  Tony’s not happy as Tina takes a picture of him with Tracy and Rob and I must have blinked, because I can’t recall the reason that she took the picture in the first place, unless it was just to wind Tracy up. 

Speaking of Tony, he buys the builder’s yard and the flat above from Owen this week and gives it to Jason.  Eileen’s torn.  She’s pleased that Jason’s got a business to run and security of sorts but she also knows her ex, and wonders what he’s up to. I don’t trust Tony either, do you?

Todd and Marcus start dating and it’s a bit creepy, I don’t like these two together because I don’t like Todd and I do like Marcus. He could do better.  But he’s doing Todd for now and Todd announces to Eileen, who’s got enough on her plate (and in her house), that they’re both moving in.  Sean’s not happy as you’d expect.

Over in the Rovers, Tyrone gets another text from Maria pretending to be Kirsty.  Tyrone throws the phone to the floor, smashes it to bits and storms out in a flurry of fear.  At the bar, David leans over to Maria, knowing full well what’s gone on. “Was that anything to do with you?” he smirks.  Maria catches Tyrone in the garage later and suggests they get some fresh air together in the park. Tyrone feels sorry for Maria so he agrees and off they go to the park.  But before they head off, Maria tells Audrey in the salon that she’s got a new man but she won’t say who. It doesn’t take long for Audrey to put two and two together and she tells Maria to leave Tyrone alone.  Audrey knows Maria’s still in a state over Marcus and so when Maria heads to the park with Tyrone, Audrey tells Fiz and Chesney about Maria’s delusions over Tyrone and they all head to the park, just in time for Fiz to spy Tyrone being cuddled by Maria with a smirk on her face.  I expected Fiz to fight for her man but she just went home in a huff.

Elsewhere this week, Beth flies to Latvia for a boob job and Gail and Katy are employed on a job-share as receptionists at the new gym.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

I loved the Carla and Peter scenes. Very powerful stuff even though I still think Tina's involvement is a load of crap. Alison King and Chris Gascoyne were superb last week, though.

Todd and Marcus are dreadful together. Todd is a joke and Marcus is a drip. I cringed when Todd claimed that they have chemistry.

I think I prefer Mad Maria.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Great scenes with Carla and Peter which carried which were rather ridculous episodes yesterday - the poor 'skint' Windbags turning up to booze in the Rovers again, the ridiculous 'interview' with space cadet cannot be trusted with personal details receptionist Gail and Tony backslapping and boasting celebrating the buying of the builders yard when all they have done is shaken hands on it. And Tyrone just neglecting his business for go for a walk in the Park with Maria all afternoon.

Unknown said...

I actually liked this weeks episodes. Scenes that I enjoyed:

Wed's Peter & Carla's scenes
Fri's Tracy & Peter scene
Fri's Jason & Eileen scene

I liked Tyrone punching Todd but Todd is such a vile character now and has no reedeming attributes. He speaks of him & Marcus having chemistry but I don't see it. It just comes across as Marcus is just putting up with him until something better comes along.

And I'm glad the truth about Maria will come out next week. Least it didn't drag on for months on end.

Overall a good week! ..

abbyk said...

Its been a long time since I've really liked Eileen, but on Friday she was terrific. Finally, someone with what it takes to say 'this is MY house'. Sean pays rent, he can stay, Todd & Jason, you're both earning and old enough to pay up or move out. And Marcus, what was that out of character stunt, thinking for a second that you'd welcomed back?

Fiz & Maria acting acting like 10 year olds, ughh.
Oh, and I'm not crying too much for Owen. Didn't he steal away Bill's business, costing him the yard in the first place?

Jason & Eileen's thank you mom moment, yeah, that's why we watch.


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