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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Time for the old Corrie theme tune to return?

I make no secret of the fact I still hate the "new" Coronation Street theme tune. I think it's been used for about four years now and it just drives me nuts.

It is simply not a patch on the original, which was used for many years and then inexplicably ditched as we trundled towards the fiftieth anniversary. The old, original theme tune was pitched perfectly for Corrie - it was moody and almost dark in places, very much of the back streets. The new version is like something out of a Disney film in comparison.

My main problem with the modern theme tune is that it strikes the completely wrong note when it follows a cliff hanger or a dramatic moment. It's almost like the theme from a comedy, not a serial drama. The old tune also built to that lovely climax at the end- that too has been lost.

It also feels like a long time since the Corrie theme was played in full. I don't know if it is still used for the omnibus, but these days the end credits seem to disappear amidst a dizzying array of what's coming up next mixed with a jovial and over-long voiceover. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm an old grump. 

Speaking of credits, it would also appear that Corrie has ditched the long-held tradition of closing episodes which feature the death of a character with a black screen and no music. I may be sentimental, but I always thought it was a nice touch and actually added something to the power of the episode concerned. 

I know I'm a bit precious about my Corrie, but I think many of us are. I'd love to see the return of the original theme tune. Do you agree? Here's a reminder of what we're missing....

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corrieqooq said...

Graeme I see your point and that it comes from your heart. I personally don't mind this version of the song as an openning tune. At least it's still based on the original. We had quite an adjustment to make when an even longer running show, Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) completely changed its openning music. They held a contest where viewers could vote on their favourite theme. Now things are even more up in the air as the National Broadcaster has lost the rights to that show period. At least Corrie's tune still has a strong resemblance to the original.

Talia said...

Graeme, I feel that the newer version is commensurate with the programme now.
Why have a theme that harks back to the better days of Corrie ( in many viewers opinion of course) when the show has changed so much?
When I hear the more familiar theme, I still get that thrill of recognition and 'Oh boy! Hurry, get my tea and sit down'! which is gone for me now as I don't do either of those things lately, but thank you so much for the memory.

Anonymous said...

Well sure, and bring back the Casualty theme too. Also the old plots with the old actors. No sense changing nowt!

Hilda's Murial

maggie muggins said...

Oh, that is beautiful, Graeme! It reminds me of the New Orleans jazz funeral bands, poignantly sad yet well spiced with the joy of life. I agree to an extent with Talia that the feeling of the show today does clash with the traditional theme tune.

Maybe if it was brought back, the show runners would have their memories jogged and bring back some of that old time feeling in the writing. The new Corrie tune is only a ghost of its real self.

Anonymous said...

I have the original version as the ringtone on my phone. It really gets people's attention, and I've made some new Corrie friends this way. The new version is just too homogenized for my liking.

Anonymous said...

I long for the fanfare of the old tune. It had such gravitas! I feel like the new one sounds like its been popped out on a yamaha in a teenagers bedroom- Micky

Anonymous said...

I loved the old theme too. So nostalgic. I guess it wasn't good enough anymore. I don't like the foggy intro as well.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the old theme - but I also preferred the show then. The show's changed for good chuck - no going back now. Sadly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grump, you're just one of many! It's ok to be grumpy. The combo of the not-ambient current music with the blurry opening images has been a big pet peeve of mine since they began, so much so that I fast-forward over the opening when watching via catch-up.

Beth said...

That's beautiful and the new version isn't a patch on it. Sadly though the newer frillier version is better suited for the newer less grounded show. This version belongs to a time when the show was excellent and better quality!
Now if we could get the old theme tune and our old Corrie back it'd be magic!

Barrie.T said...

I miss the original "end of part one" theme (bap bap bap bap baaaaaap)

Unknown said...

Absolutely put it back hate this new version


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