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Thursday 29 May 2014

Charlie Condou films his final scenes as Marcus Dent

Charlie Condou, who played Marcus Dent, has now left Coronation Street after filming his final scenes last week.

Charlie has played Marcus for four years over two stints, but announced in November 2013 that he would be quitting to spend more time with his family.

Charlie tweeted a photo of Coronation Street pub The Rovers Return's sign, captioned "Over and out".

He lives in London with his partner Cameron Laux and their children Hal and Georgia, but recently told the Daily Mirror his commute to Manchester was becoming too much.

He said: "It was just getting too difficult. Georgia is at an age now where she was saying, 'How long are you away for this week?' and 'When are you going to be back, Daddy?'

"At my busiest I was getting home late on a Friday night and going back to Manchester on Sunday afternoon. I just wasn't getting that time with my kids."

I'll miss Marcus, he was one of the quiet men of soap.  But I never did like him and Todd together.

I also liked Charlie Condou.  He was one of the Coronation Street actors on twitter who interacted positively with his fans.  Nice!

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Hoo Ha Hing said...

Shame that its Marcus that is going and not the cushion hugger.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked Marcus but found him hooking up with Maria completely unrealistic. But there is absolutely no chemistry between him and Todd. I will miss Marcus and wish the actor the very, very best in his future!

Shan said...

I always liked the Marcus character but I feel that he was never paired up with anyone right for him. In a relationship, he always seemed mismatched. But I loved the way he was a family man and the way he cared for Liam and Dylan. It would have been nice to see him start a family.

abbyk said...

Marcus is a wonderful character and CC played him so well; he's the actor who lifts everyone he works with. Agree he was never well matched, although I liked the friendship into romance with Maria at first, despite the suspension of belief. He was nowhere to be seen over the past year, and that's no good. I wonder if Marcus had been better used that CC might have made another decision. In the end, no one regrets spending more time with family and I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

I will miss him greatly - the only person with morals and education on the street - my only regret is that he won't take Todd with him to parts unknown. Why are they loosing all the good actors and keeping the middle of the road ones???? I have a feeling that the really great actors are not willing to put up with the whims and storylines of SB and are just waiting to leave when their contracts are up. Not worth the effort nor the money.

Smt said...

I really liked both Charlie Condou and the character of Marcus, but not his recent story lines. I found his relationship with the sleazy character of Todd completely unbelievable. Todd pre personality transplant might have been a different story. His relationship with Maria was doomed from the start, but surely a thoughtful person like Marcus would not have behaved in such a hurtful way at the end.

I wish Charlie good luck in his future endeavours.

ChiaGwen said...

Agree Sheila Torres - hard to believe Marcus would condone the vile things Todd has been saying about Maria and just his general bitter nasty attitude towards others. Good luck Charlie - you and Marcus will be missed!

Anonymous said...

I love Charlie Condou, and have to say that I found his relationship with Todd MUCH more unrealistic than his relationship with Maria! Sorry to see him go....

Talia said...

I will be sorry too to see Marcus go.
He was normal, caring, educated,and nice.
I didn't like his relationship with Maria, maybe because I really don't like Maria, especially recently, but pairing him with that nightmare Todd and having him right there on the street where Todd can rub Maria's nose in it, is awful, and utterly unrealistic to the character of Marcus. There is no, and never could be, any chemistry between them.
Best of luck to Charlie Condou.

vintgal003 said...

A real disappointment to see Charles would have been SO nice to see Maria & Marcus marrying...they were making a real nice little family .... Here's hoping that he will come back down the road....

Beth said...

I think it's a right shame Marcus is going he was about one of the most normal people on the street but once again they had to go and ruin him with Todd. I think he's too nice a guy to ever go with somebody so smarmy and nasty and he'd never rub Maria's nose in his affairs. I wonder where the writers heads are half the time. If they wanted to split him and Maria up he would have found a decent guy like himself. Not a toad like Todd!

Good luck Charlie you will be missed. I'm so glad that you are not being killed off so there is hope for your return one day!


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