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Sunday 25 May 2014

Coronation Street fan of the week - Wayne Devlin aka Trafford Sinatra

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This time it's Wayne Devlin, who performs as Trafford Sinatra as well as working as a Coronation Street extra.  Find out more at Wayne's website and follow him on twitter @TraffordSinatra

"From as far back as I can remember Coronation Street has been a permanent fixture in our family home. When I was a child if we had somewhere to go it was always before or after Corrie, never during!

My father used to speak of characters from the first episodes fondly and compared every character that came after them to them. So I grew up knowing who was who on the Street and its characters became almost like my imaginary extended family.

As an adult and married with children of my own Corrie is still here and watched religiously in my home. We have it on record In case we ever, god forbid, miss an episode.

I have always had an ambition to walk those famous cobbles and last year I was thrilled to make that dream come to true. I have appeared as a supporting artiste several times and absolutely loved the experience. I got to meet and work with the characters I have grown up watching and it was a strange feeling almost like being at home when I was on set, because after all it was my imaginary extended family I was working with!

The big thing that sticks out in my mind about Corrie is not only the great cast but also the amazing crew. Everyone there, from the casting department to the Director and all those in-between make Corrie a really amazing place to work. They work together brilliantly like a finely oiled machine and everyone there is so friendly, it's a pleasure to be on set and be a part of a national institution such as Corrie.

Outside of acting I am a Rat Pack styled vocalist known locally as Trafford's Frank Sinatra. Once or twice a year I host a charity concert for various local charities and Corrie always, without hesitation, sends me an amazing auction price to help out. The last prize they sent was Stella Price's wedding dress!

So that's my connection with Corrie and as an actor I hope to work there again one day and as a fan of the longest running soap I will continue to watch the comings and goings on the Street and look forward to what the future brings for my imaginary extended families!

Wayne Devlin

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bbhilda said...

If you would like to read the interview I did with Wayne a while ago, and see lots more pictures of him, check out the Extras Archive here:

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Wayne's and have followed his career for many years. He is a local celebrity in Trafford and the ladies in our group have seen Wayne many times at his shows where he is known as Trafford's Frank Sinatra. We also love to see him on our favourite soap Coronation Street but we hope to see him talking now instead of just being in the background. He is a gentleman and a family man and although he speaks proudly of being on Coronation Street, we think Coronation Street should be proud to have Wayne.
Nice genuine interview but a lovely genuine gentleman.

Anonymous said...

He's got amazing blue eyes. Spotted him, or should I say his eyes, in the Rovers first then in Bistro several times. Yummy x


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