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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Rob-bing us of Tina

Aw - bless her teak coloured cotton socks. The Queen of Cuprinol is off to meet her maker courtesy of the evil (well, not at all really) Rob. Daft old Rob who is settling for life with the increasingly ludicrous Tracy (what was her engagement 'look' all about) and celebrating the fact with a worryingly grim engagement party which had all the joie de vivre of a black mass.

Tangerine Tina has had her fair share of critics over the years. Guilty m'lud. There were justified rants over the barmy 'Xin and Graham' storyline and her 'young fogey' relationship with Tommy Duckworth. She survived dalliances with David, Jason and long-forgotten Doctor Matt. It's fair to say that Tina hasn't been best-served with fun storylines. For her, life was one long rounds of rows and stand-offs. Which is why she had to go.

Tina was never going to be a stay-at-home, dinner on the table housewife. She would have been more likely to have driven a tank through the home and hurled the dinner at the nearest passer by. Tina wasn't a home-maker or the settling down type. Despite being as bright as a button, there was a horrible inevitability that her life would be a constant shuffling between bar work and shop work. Let's face it, the woman thrived on misery.

In spite of all this though, I've always had a regard for our T. Probably this was partly down to Michelle Keegan's spirited portrayal. Tina was always brassy and feisty and yes, this could be wearing. She allowed herself to be dragged into the cloying world of Rita and the dependent world of Peter. The woman deserved a medal for surviving in a world containing these two - Ronald McDonald in a frock and Uriah Heep.

Tina, even in her most difficult moments, has always been easier to watch than the likes of Tracy or Michelle. No gurning or manic arm-folding for T. A stomping madam with brass curtain rings in her ears, a birds nest hairdo, an appalling flat, appalling taste in men, stroppy barmaid, a good mate to Tyrone, a fearsome foe to Kirsty, a match for David, a miracle for Graham, a notch in the bedpost for Jason, more brazen than Leanne, bolder than Liz - Tina McIntyre - the girl who lost her dad and never really recovered. A tour de force from Michelle Keegan and a character that deserves to be remembered.

I wonder if her coffin will be teak?

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Anonymous said...

Teak coffin? Brass, maybe.

Tvor said...

I always liked Tina, thanks to the talent of Ms. Keegan. She wasn't afraid of anyone, from loan sharks to Kirsty to Tracy Barlow, she'd stand up to them all.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to pay for what looks like an elaborate funeral? She appeared to have no family and very few friends.

Talia said...

Tina's mother is being introduced following the death of her daughter, and then there's always Rita; wouldn't Rita come through for Tina in the end?

Anonymous said...

Tina's mother's going to show up after not being in her daughters life for years, or did I miss something? She'll probably be an idiotic gobby mare just like her daughter and as stupid as her ex dead husband Joe.
Actually, when Tina started getting up after the fall from the balcony, and was mouthing off a mile a minute, I'll bet a lot of viewers were just hoping Rob would smack her one with that iron bar..and he did! Go Rob!

Anonymous said...

Now that she's finally dead, I wish they'd just throw her in the box and move this story along. The drawn-out who dunnit when we already bloody know. Fast forward, please.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Lets not forget that Tina was brought in Maddie style, being downright rude to Gail in the doctors surgery. But she went on to become David's girlfriend and built up a good relationship with Gail - where is Gail by the way, would have expected to see her around the hospital bed instead of the gormless Tyrone and Fizz with her silly voices. Tina unfortunaely got shoved down our throats a la Becky style and we soon all got sick of her. That a girl with such outstanding beauty would hang around the back streets of Weatherfield was not really credible. Personally I wont miss her and her stroppy behavior in the Rovers.

Anonymous said...

Now that Tina has shuffled off to the great B and Q in the sky,our ears will get a chance to quit ringing from all the shouting she did. Can't say I was a fan of Tina but then I am tired of the "strong, feisty" stereotype all stomping around, "look at Me!! I'm Gobby!!" Who were these "mates" she was meant
To have in Portsmouth and London??Did all her relatives live abroad? Seems strange that she wouldn't have an aunt or uncle or cousins somewhere.

Tvor said...

Great title to the post, btw!

Anonymous said...

Anoymous,I think it will be most likely Rita who will pay for Tina's funeral with ironically the money she offered Tina to pay Tommy's debts so she wouldn't have to be a surrogate for the Windasses.


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