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Saturday 31 May 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - Rob with lead piping on the cobbles

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This was the week when Tina McIntyre fell from the balcony of her flat onto the cobbles below and now she’s in intensive care. She wasn’t pushed, exactly, but she did fall after a fight with Rob Donovan, who’d gone to her flat to tell her to leave Peter alone.  Tina, you’ll remember, was carrying on with Peter behind Carla’s back and under her nose.  Carla now knows what Peter’s been up to while Rob’s got a guilty conscience and hasn’t told anyone. Not yet, anyway. 
Tina’s fall happened during Rob and Tracy’s engagement party at the Rovers, a party where at the time of Tina’s fall, neither Rob nor Tracy were at.  Rob was at the flat with Tina telling her to leave off Peter. “Everybody fancies year but no one wants to be with yer. Why can’t yer just shut up and smile?” Meanwhile Tracy was driving a van full of knock-off for Tony.  Later, Rob and Tracy concoct alibis to cover their absence and say they were upstairs, together, at the Barlows’ house having a bit of sub-duvet nookie.  Tracy tells Rob where she really was, but Rob lies about his whereabouts.  Well,  you’d do the same.   But when Rob leaves the flat to check on Tina’s body on the cobbles below, Tina’s not dead. Not yet.  She rises to her feet and gives Rob what for, a verbal lashing that only Tina could give.  “I was born gobby!” she tells him.  Rob spies a piece of lead piping in the builders’ yard and takes it, whacks Tina with it and leaves her for dead.   Tina now fights for her pretty life in a hospital intensive care unit with tubes up her nose and Rita by her side.  It’s not looking good.

A copper come to the cobbles wearing a look of disdain and a very dodgy tie and interviews the likely suspects. Roy has seen something, Leanne hasfound the body.  But it’s Carla who’s arrested, with Peter yelling to anyone who’ll listen that his wife wouldn’t do it, not Carla, not to Tina.  But it’s Rob whodunit and this one looks like it’s going to take a while to play out.

Elsewhere, the drama continues when Anna confesses to Owen that she slept with Phelan.  It’s more than Owen can take, he can’t cope with the news and takes a job in Scotland for a wee while.  “Nothing will ever be normal again,” he says.

And that really was just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

See - Tina landed on her back, not front.

Anonymous said...

I must admit,I chuckled a bit when Liz speaking to the police explained how the affair was Peter's 'fault'because she thought Tina was 'naïve'.Tina is anything but naïve.I was also annoyed by Michelle telling Liz off about knowing about Peter and Tina and not telling her because Carla is her friend.Funny Michelle didn't seem too concerned that her 'friend' was having an affair with her brother Liam who was married to Maria and was also pregnant and it cost him his life.


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