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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 21 May

Coronation Street, WEDNESDAY 21ST MAY 2014
WILL PETER PUT CARLA FIRST Tina arrives for work and notices Carla has been looking at details of a new house with Michelle. She tips Peter off that Carla is looking at houses behind his back. She tells him he has to choose: her or Carla. Will Peter agree to run away with her?
MARIA FACES THE CONSEQUENCES OF HER ACTIONS Kirk blames Todd for Maria’s behaviour and a fight breaks out. Both are kicked out of the caf√© where Marcus has to break up another potential fight. Kirk pleads with Fiz and Tyrone to not be too hard on Maria but is he too late?
THE ATTRACTION IS CLEAR BETWEEN KAL AND LEANNE As Gail starts work at the gym, her suspicions are aroused when she notices Kal and Leanne in a tense and intimate conversation.
ELSEWHERE Tony tells Rob and Tracy about a van load of stolen electrical good, pressuring Rob to drive the van and Gail gives Lloyd misguided advice in the gym.¬¬¬

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Gail could at least have combed her hair before her new job as unchecked referenced and soap amnesia 'receptionist'. Now we have to see 'that face' at every turn while dopy personal trainer Kal moons around Leanne at every opportunity.

dave said...

Agreed, ITV aren't giving Gail the best hairdressers.

Talia said...

That's a very unflattering still of Gail. One would think it was chosen purposely to coincide with her character and new position which I'm sure will turn out to be obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought it was about time that Gail tied her hair up and do something different. It feel dead and now it is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Jenna hired at the gym? She's qualified. No..that might make sense. Let's shove Gail's character into yet another implausible storyline. Better yet, lets write out a possibly interesting character so that one of the untouchables can have air time.

Anonymous said...

Ludicrous job for Gail. Could've been a PERFECT job for Jenna. When Jenna lost her physio job, she could've worked at the medical centre. THAT would've made sense.
And the gym also would've made sense. She could've used her physio expertise with training.

Gail is a snoop and a gossip. A ridiculous job for her? Yeah, put her in a position where she can have a look at members' information, watch how they perform at the gym, etc etc etc.

Gawd! Pitiful decision. :-(

~JB in Canada

Dubcek said...

Gail gives Lloyd misguided advice in the gym.

So is that the beginning of the end for the gym when Lloyd sues them after Gail's advice causes him serious health problems or is it just a plot ploy so he can go off and film the next series of Red Dwarf?

Anonymous said...

Watching in Canada so we haven't had this storyline yet. But I must make a couple of comments.
What qualifications does Gail have to give anyone health advice - she is a receptionist and why would Lloyd be stupid enough to listen to her? I am disappointed that Jenna is leaving she certainly should have taken a position at the gym. While I am a rant I am also very disappointed in the Kal character. All he ever seems to do is follow sour faced Leeanne around.

Anonymous said...

How exactly is Gail unqualified for the recpetionist job she worked as a receptionist for a good 9-10 years. I'm not Gail's biggest fan but all she has to do is order a packet of biscuits and people on here have a go at her

Humpty Dumpty said...

Gail presumably was a competent receptionist at the medical centre but after 10 years, she was sacked for gross misconduct. A new employer offering a job with similar responsibilities ie access to confidential records would want to assess whether the applicant (Gail) would be a risk. A gym might think that they are more on a par with a beauty salon than a doctor's so confidentiality would not be as crucial.

Gail's downfall will be her inability to keep within her boundaries (she always knows best) and she's very judgemental.


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