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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Who kills Tina? Vote in our poll

So, who did you think is going to do in Tina McIntyre?  Vote now in our poll for the person you think most likely. 

Will it be one of the four major suspects put forward by ITV - or do you think it'll be someone else? 

Vote now and leave comments below as to who you think might do in for Tina.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Ha! I think the powers that be think that we are going to be shocked and surprised when its Tony after much hype about the "big 4" but its pretty obvious - dah!

Tvor said...

If it has to be one of the big 4, probably Rob and it'll be accidental, i feel.

Anonymous said...

So..Peter's up on the scaffold all drunked up..Tina goes up to try to reason with him..they get into a blazing row, he shoves her and off she goes.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What was the hype about the killer hiding the murder weapon in the railway arch?? Was that another red herring? Perhaps there was nobody in that car with the screen held around it in the press photos.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it is Rob. But Tracy knows it, or finds out, and helps to frame her brother Peter, who goes on the run. Or possibly she tries to frame Tony first, then Peter when it is the only way to 'clear' Rob. She has to choose between her brother and her husband to be. Could be a good storyline!


Anonymous said...

I hope that after all she's been through lately, discovering Tina's affair is the last straw for Rita and she follows her to the scaffold to confront her, snaps and shoves her. Then, I'd like her to frame Peter (who goes on the run a la Claire) - just to give one of the seniors a real story line!!

John McE said...

If it is Tony, maybe Liz will bump into Jim when she goes to visit him :-)

David TG Riches said...

Oh the OTHER possibilities here are a psychopath's dream!
Far Out Option #1. Simon! Upon hearing that Tina the crush of his young life is the downfall of his new families he lashes out at Tina for having an affair with his Dad and driving him off the wagon and leaving him to be a brother to that monster Carla will bear and driving a wedge between Nick and "Mum" Leanne so she ends with Kal who is supposed to be helping Nick not stealing his "Mum". Simon could do it as a heat of the moment to lash out in anger unintentionally causing the death of Tina.
Far Out Option #2. Dennis! Seeing yet another "daughter" betray his love Rita and to try to make amends the formerly homeless Dennis is hiding out and instinctively strikes out at the intruder while a stab may not always e fatal that combined with the fall is just too much for young Tina to take and she passes away at the hospital from the injuries all because Dennis is lovesick, squeezed out, and off his meds.
Far Out Option #3. Gary Windass!
Suffering a PTSD flashback with the person who almost ruined his relationship with Izzy and his son the moment changes their lives forever.
Far Out Option #4. Kirsty Dobbs!
Fresh from prison, the jealous anger management, husband beater takes revenge on the woman who got her kicked off the force and testified against her in court ruining her marriage and causing her to split from her child!
Far Out Option #5. David Platt!
feeling the grief in the street and the threat to his marriage the sociopathic Platt known for climbing roof tops and cliffs when things look down takes his shortcomings in the bedroom out on the person who just wrecked so many others on the street. What a time for a seizure!

Tvor said...

I'm still curious to find out why on earth Tina's in the builder's yard at all! owen doesn't own the yard anymore, Tony and Jason probably changed the locks so if Tina had a key when she worked there, it wouldn't work now. None of the suspects have any ties to the yard either. Tony is the only one if you look at it that way. But they'll probably come up with something if it's not Tony.

maggie muggins said...

Tvor, maybe Tracy is at the builders' yard, meeting Tony to drop off the stolen goods. Tina walks by and an argument ensues with...

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Peter will get cold feet and kill her to keep her quiet.

I think this will be the start of his exit storyline as we know that he is leaving later in the year.


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