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Friday 23 May 2014

Where in North Wales should Ken and Deirdre holiday?

When it was revealed that Ken Barlow's return storyline involved a holiday in North Wales, I have to say I was over the moon at the prospect of Coronation Street coming over to film in the region. With William and Kate having lived on Anglesey; Tom Jones coming to perform in the north for the very first time; and now Corrie having a story based in North Wales really puts us on the map! 

Plus I'm so glad Deirdre accepted my offer of a holiday in North Wales when I went to visit the street last month!

Of course, it was only recently that North Wales was involved in a Corrie storyline. Tyrone and Fiz fled from the clutches of Kirsty and the police to Anglesey. Although, it was fairly clear that they hadn't filmed on Anglesey, because the houses were brick (Anglesey houses are traditionally stone) and also if they had filmed on Anglesey, they would surely have filmed a scene possibly showing the Menai Strait bridges? I have an inkling they either filmed around Manchester somewhere or maybe in Flintshire where there are brick houses.

Let's hope this time they genuinely film in north Wales, because it really is an insult to anybody, not just us Welshies, that a certain show is said to be in a particular location, yet doesn't look like anything like there!

Now, I've come up with five places that I'd like the Corrie production team to consider visiting in North Wales with Ken and Deirdre:

1. Isle of Anglesey

The idyllic Isle of Anglesey and also where I've lived for the last two months or so after moving from the Conwy Valley! With its golden sandy beaches in places like Rhosneigr and Benllech; and attractions like the Menai Suspension Bridge and Britannia Bridge; South Stack lighthouse; the romantic isle of Llanddwyn where lovers walk; the village with the longest name (Llanfair PG); Beaumaris castle; the Church in the Sea; or the Cornish-like villages of Cemaes and Moelfre, it would be a perfect place for Ken and Deirdre to rekindle their love after Ken's absence. Plus, I could make a cameo as a caravan park owner or a tourist guide! 

2. Snowdonia

Now I know Ken had an accident back in the 1970s when he went climbing in the Lake District with Peter, so I don't know if he'd be up for climbing Wales' highest mountain Snowdon, or indeed Deirdre after years of smoking! But there's always the Snowdon train that climbs up the mountain from the slate village of Llanberis. There is also the Welsh Highland Railway that goes from Caernarfon to Porthmadog, and runs through the heart of Snowdonia. It's a trip I need to do actually because I've only done halfway! Then there is the historic town of Caernarfon with its majestic castle and its statue of David Lloyd George, the only Welsh British Prime Minister.

3. Portmeirion and the Llyn Peninsula

Where better for a romantic getaway than the Italian-like village nestled in Snowdonia, which is Portmeirion. Although, it will be unlikely if Corrie films here as this was also the setting of The Prisoner, and ITV cult series back in the 1960s. But with breathtaking views of Harlech and Barmouth and Cardigan Bay, it would provide brilliant scenes. Then there's the Llyn Peninsula with places and Criccieth and Aberdaron popular with tourists. William Roache was rumoured to have a holiday home in Abersoch, so who knows maybe that would be ideal for a holiday for the Barlows!

4. Llandudno and Conwy

The tourist capitals of North Wales. There are plenty of caravan parks in the area, and Ken and Deirdre can take a stroll round the Great Orme or even the Llandudno promenade. Then there's Conwy castle and the village itself which is still medieval in its form. And then there's the smallest house in Britain in the quay of Conwy. 

5. The Conwy Valley

My original home ground. The picturesque valley with its sloping hills and woodland, and the River Conwy at its heart. Ken and Deirdre can cross over the Llanrwst Bridge and go for afternoon tea in Tu Hwnt i'r Bont, which is a riverside cottage or visit Gwydir Castle. And then a little trip to Betws y Coed, the quaint little village that is also a haven for tourists. But maybe Ken and Deirdre prefer to get away from the tourists!

So those are my choices for a Corrie visit! There are others of course, like Llangollen or St Asaph.

If you're familiar with or come from North Wales, where would you like to see Ken and Deirdre holiday?

Apologies if this post reads like a brochure for North Wales! Couldn't help myself!

Also, if you missed it, here's a blog post I did a couple of years ago about Corrie's links with North Wales. 

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Anonymous said...


Mystery ensues when in Denbighshire Ken and Deirdre discover Danny Baldwin singing in a Welsh Male Chorus, and they learn he is living on the shores of the River Dee under an assumed name.

--Hilda's Murial

Anonymous said...

Interesting post Llifon. I was just back in North Wales for a funeral and while there we had tea in Tu Hwnt i'r Bont and drove down the valley to Bettws y Coed. I lived on Anglesey as a child and most recently in Colwyn Bay. Although we now live in Canada, North Wales will always be home to me.

Cobblestone said...

The Llyn Peninsula gets my vote. My best friend grew up there and it's beautiful. I remember once performing open-air Shakespeare at Harlech Castle and looking across at the Peninsula from the battlements. There was a mist filling the valleys, and as the sun slipped down into the Irish Sea, it looked like the valleys were ablaze with vermillion fire. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

When it was revealed that Ken Barlow's return storyline involved a holiday in North Wales, I have to say I thought of you, Llifon!

Thanks for the fantastic virtual tour of Wales! Your article has made me add it to my bucket list.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where K & D should visit, but, sitting here in Canada reading your blog post and looking at those pictures, I really, really want to visit Wales.

Flo said...

I vote Snowdonia, wish we would have had more time to spend there when we visited.

DollyTubb said...

It just HAS to be the Lleyn, Llifon, traditional stamping ground of generations of Mancs and Salfordians! And I'm guessing Ken may prefer the quieter villages of Aberdaron and Nefyn to Llandudno or Rhyll. Hope they do some of the filming on location too!

Anonymous said...

The Welsh tourist boards should put you on their payroll!

Anonymous said...

Is there somewhere with a lot of abandoned mines and/or high cliffs? Perhaps some place with bogs, somewhere inaccessible for an ambulance, and too remote for a search party to find remains? Do you see where I am going with this?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of an climbing accident. Deirdre can return alone to much gossiping and finger-pointing, plus there's the added bonus of copying Gail/Joe's storyline, as the writer's seem to love to do that!

corrieqooq said...

Beautiful post! Now I know why my cousin moved there and why I must visit some time. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00.39. How I wish your thoughts could be in the script. I am full of woe at the thought of Ken Barlow returning, I have the same view with Kevin Webster's return.

Tubbs said...

Oh come on .... This is Ken and Deirdre, Not Roy and Hayley, Or Rita we are talking about, These two are likely to end up setting up next to a sewarage works, Ken tries to tempt her with the slate museum so Deirdre berates Ken so they move on to Rhyl with Deirdre on the Bingo and Ken hating every moment of it, when he had such high hopes for the rockies in Penrhyn.

Anonymous said...


I spent many a holiday there when I was a kid....on a caravan site.

I believe H V Kershaw, the coronation street writer went to live there after retiring.

Beth said...

Llifon, fi'n meddwl mynd adre am wyliau eleni a ti wedi rhoi ysbrydoliaeth i mi fynd ar plant tua'r gogledd i weld rhywfaint rhagor ar Gymru .Diolch I ti, hyfryd o bost. Wedi codi hiraeth mawr er bod fi or de ;) x

Llifon said...

Diolch yn fawr Beth a dwi'n falch fy mod wedi dy ysbrydoli di! :)


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