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Sunday 18 May 2014

Pics: Tina's murder - ITV release details of four suspects

Coronation Street fans will be given the chance to watch exclusive scenes between Tina McIntyre and four murder suspects on the official Coronation Street website at ITV.COM, before the real culprit is exposed in episodes on ITV.

Tina will face a final confrontation with each of the four potential killers: Peter Barlow, Carla Barlow, Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan - but only one of the scenes will air in the soap when the identity of the real murderer is revealed.

From Monday 19th May at 12pm, viewers will gain exclusive access at the official Coronation Street website to the four penultimate scenes written by Corrie scriptwriter Simon Crowther and directed by Duncan Foster.

In all of the dramatic scenes, viewers will watch as Tina battles with each of her four enemies on the balcony of the Builder’s yard - but only in the real scene will fans see Tina plunging to her death on the cobbles below.

Viewers will be able to make their predictions as to who kills Tina via ITV.COM but will then have to wait until Tuesday May 27th to discover who the real murderer is.

Suspect Number 1
Will it be Mr Adulterer himself, Peter Barlow?

He’s had his way with young Tina and discarded her in favour of his beloved wife. A heartbroken Tina has warned him that she’s not going to let him have his happy-ever-after and we all know that her threats are rarely empty... will she push Peter to the brink of despair, and how far will he go to keep hold of what he has left?

Chris Gascoyne said: “Peter is a weak man who has made many many mistakes in his time. Is he capable of murder? Well maybe if it was an accident! He really should make a clean break from Tina and the relationship in order to concentrate on rebuilding his relationship with Carla and prove to her that he will be a good father to their baby. But he gets to the stage where he lets Tina think they are going to run away together to Portsmouth, when he has no intention of doing that. Instead of just telling her he lets her pack her bags and even order the taxi and tells her he will meet her. But then she finds out Carla is pregnant and she threatens to tell Carla everything. Peter fears he is going to lose Carla and the baby, he never really loved Tina, he said he did but he didn’t Carla is the love of his life and he is desperate to save his marriage - getting rid of Tina could be the only option.”

Suspect Number 2
Or might it be Peter’s pregnant and wronged wife, Carla Barlow?

When she learns the truth about Peter’s affair with the babysitter, there’s every chance that Carla’s rage will be strong enough to ensure Tina never lays a finger on her adulterous husband again. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

Alison King said: “Carla has stuck by Peter through thick and thin and Tina has been her friend throughout it all - or so she thought. When she discovers about the truth about Peter and Tina it will destroy her.
“There is no way Carla would not confront Tina - it is the first thing she would do. When Carla is angry there is no stopping her, she will feel betrayed by both Tina and Peter. She knows Peter is a weak man, she won’t forgive that but the betrayal by Tina is different. She has confided in her and relied on her to help with Peter and Simon.
“Carla will want answers but when she confronts Tina emotions will be running high and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”

Suspect Number 3
Could the culprit be Mr Rob Donovan?

Nothing gets past Tina and when she rumbles Rob and Tracy for their dodgy dealings with Tony she isn’t afraid to make it known. With the memory of prison nowhere near distant enough, Rob’s understandably cautious of Tina’s threats and when the penny drops about her affair with his sister’s husband, Rob has not just one but two reasons to lash out…

Marc Baylis: “Ever since his brief fling with Tina Rob has been very wary of her. He has managed to win Tracy back and their business is on the up but he knows that Tina could bring it all crashing down.
“He has also had his suspicions about Tina and Peter and when he discovers the truth about their affair he is determined to make sure Tina doesn’t tell Carla. As much as Rob doesn’t think Peter is good enough for his sister, now that he knows she is pregnant he wants her to be happy. Rob is not someone who is afraid of confrontation and will be determined to try and persuade Tina to keep quiet about both the affair and what she knows about the business. If she refuses then who knows what could happen.”

Suspect Number 4
Last but certainly not least is Tracy Barlow,

Tina’s arch-enemy. With an infamous hatred for her, Tracy has a longstanding reason to seek revenge on the woman who almost cost her her most successful relationship to date. With Tina keeping a very close eye on the ins and outs of Barlow’s Buys, she’s likely to use this as ammunition to wind Tracy up; but will Tracy be able to resist the bait?

Kate Ford: “Tracy has committed murder before and got away with it and she certainly takes no prisoners when it comes to getting revenge on people who have wronged her. She has never really forgiven Tina for kissing Rob and trying to take him off her and for her campaign to try and close down Barlow’s Buys when they first opened. Now that she knows that Tina has rumbled their dodgy dealings with Tony it may be that she thinks enough is enough and slips away from her engagement party to confront her - but Tina is every bit as feisty and Tracy might have bitten off more than she can chew trying to keep her quiet.”
All four have a motive, but only one can do the deed...

After viewers discover who the real murderer is on May 27th they will then watch as Tina’s life hangs in jeopardy until her fight for life comes to an end in hospital on Monday June 2nd. 

Her death will have far reaching consequences for many residents as the police start the hunt for the killer - but will they get the right person or will the murderer walk free leaving an innocent suspect to take the rap?

Who do you think the killer will be, Corrie fans?  One of the above... or... as in the case of 'Who Killed Frank Foster' someone else entirely?  Remember that ITV told us that for Frank Foster's killer there were five suspects - but the killer turned out to be his mum.

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Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I'm going to guess Rob.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

So unlike Frank Foster's demise this won't be a whodunnit from the audience's perspective as we'll see the whole thing play out.

Can we assume that if ITV is talking about a "murderer" there's no chance it could be a horrible accident? If it was an accident, then it could be any one of them.

However, if it is in fact a premeditated, intentional murder, which someone has to do serious time for, then by my reckoning, it has to be Rob as he's the only character who is seriously expendable. Yes, I know Chris Gascoigne is leaving but it's been described as a "break" and given the importance of the Barlows to the street - not to mention Chris G's calibre as an actor - TPTB must be planning for his return in the shorter, not longer, term.

Then again, ITV could get us all going with these four scenarios only to have a completely different 5th scene on the night (perhaps involving Tony). The question then will be which poor fool will be put through the whole wrongly-accused/miscarriage of justice deja-vu-all-over-again storyline?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Let Sherlock Frosty look at the evidence:

Peter - as we all know Chris G is leaving he has to be the prime suspect and he has the most to lose if the Orange one opens her rather large gob. Peter has many flaws but I dont think he is a cold blooded murderer although it could be manslaugter - a push that ends up with her falling down stairs and dying like they always do in soapland instead of just spraining your ankle.

Carla: As Ali King is not going anywhere I doubt if it will be her. Although she is well capable of giving Judas Tina a much deserved punch in the mouth, I doubt if she has it in her to actually kill her.

Tracy: I always feel she is more of a pantomime character than anyone that is really scary. She got ut of prison on a technicality so I doubt whether she would want to go there again, and her motives would be flimsey - just because Tina kissed Rob and may shout her mouth off about their dodgy dealings are not strong enough.

Rob: The most likely of the four. There is underlying sense of violence about Rob, he may let Tracy push him around but I think he is well capable of murder. Came from a tough Manchester Council Estate and has done time in prison and is very protective of his "sis". Also the actor's contract does not seem to have been renewed.

Or they are all red herrings and its somebody else entirely.

John McE said...

I'd have thought Jason's Dad was far more likely. Does anyone know how long his contract is for?

Jane said...

Possibly any one of the entire Coronation St viewers who are totally fed up with this storyline!

I'd love it to be Tracy just to get rid of the character, but I think it's more likely to be Rob..... unless there's another character revealed on the day!

Anonymous said...

I think it is Nick Tilsley after he finds out about Leanne and Kal. I think he does it unintentionally but maybe takes his anger out on Tina.

Anonymous said...

I will be disappointed if it was Rob, I like the character.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Tina tumbles from the balcony, the killer must be someone she lets in to the flat. That rules out Tracy, and let's remember that Jim McD is making an appearance in prison. Might be a red herring, but Jim could be sharing a cell with Tina's murderer. It's down to Rob and Peter. If Peter were blind drunk, he might inadvertently shove Tina too hard, but my money's still on Rob.

I will be so disappointed if a fifth character is responsible.

abbyk said...

Dennis. Tina gets Rita's affection no matter what, Dennis was never more than a lapdog. By accident, of course. Just throwing it out there.

I wish these clips would be available for overseas fans. Grrrrr

Anonymous said...

If it's one of those four, it's Rob. As was said above, he's the most expendable *and* because he and Tracy are planning a life together... and Tracy can never, ever be happy or win in the long run. This will destroy her when it comes out.

Or it's in fact none of them and ends up being someone like Pat Phelan or the drug dealer she helped put away, for some inane reason.

Anonymous said...

Question is, why would Tina be on the builder's yard balcony? And - are they really going to show us the real murder scene online before it airs on tv?

I'm ruling Peter, Carla and Tracy out. If it is one of the four suspects then I'll say Rob but I'm thinking it'll be Tony.

Jim McDonald is returning and I assume that Peter will be joining him in prison for a few months. Surely there is a link.

Anonymous said...


Tvor said...

I think the builder's yard balcony is the clue. I think it's Tony, too. He owns the yard, none of the others have any connection at all. Why else would she be in there but to meet with the person that owns it? How would she get in there otherwise? If she was meeting any of the four suspects, it would be in the flat, after all. If it does end up being one of the named suspects, it'll probably be Peter and it will be accidental.

Anonymous said...

I think it's none of the above and that Tina will commit suicide.Tina may think she may have the upper hand by revealing her and Peter's affair to Carla but I think once everyone especially Rita realises that she and Peter were having their affair while Carla was supporting Hayley who was terminally ill,they will be so disgusted in how deceitful Tina is especially if she justifies it because she misses Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Since Phelan was mentioned, perhaps it's Gary who murders Tina?Somehow Tina finds out that Gary assaulted Phelan and blackmails by threatening to go to the police unless she gets Jake back?

Anonymous said...

What about Michelle ? She's apparently got big storylines this summer . Or Dev ? I read he's on Sabbatical for a year to do some travelling . The likelihood is that's it's an accident by Peter cos Chris G is leaving . If it's Tony I couldn't care less , his character hadn't warmed up yet in my opinion. It has to b someone we care about surely ? Which brings us back to Peter . Rob Tracey Carla are not leaving .

Anonymous said...

sorry Frosty, it's the Fifth Element...
It may be baloney, but I know it's Tony.

Poida Pete said...

It'll probably be a drunken Peter accidentally knocking into her whilst staggering around, he goes down for manslaughter, that's Chris Gascoyne written out for as long as he needs to be.

Anonymous said...

I thought we weren't going to find out who the murderer is til Autumn? And also, what about the filming scenes of the murderer getting rid of the murder weapon?

Unknown said...

WAITTTTT What if it was someone else entirely. ?..someone we

sarah luize kidger said...

I think its rob Donovan myself because he just don't want anyone to catch him at it and he is just after peter and Carlas money and her factory so he can muscel in on everything and with Tracy,s criminal record and Robs criminal record it makes common sense I hope that dc Hawthorne and di Vanner charge rob in the end


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