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Sunday 18 May 2014

Corrie weekly awards for May 12 - 16

Awww moment of the week: Jason thanking Eileen for all she's done for him.

Can't keep a straight face award: Gail and Katy both thought they were perfect fits for Sharif and Dev's requirements for receptionist.
 Todd threatened to take Tyrone out. Tyrone didn't look too scared.

Who's broke? Not us award: Anna no sooner got finished going on about how skint they were but she was handing over money for tins of lager.

Pants on Fire award: Peter lying to Rob about being in the hotel.

The more things Change, the More they stay the same: Peter got drunk only a day or two out of rehab.

Performances of the week: Chris Gascoyne and Alison King.

Musical ambiance: Big Yellow Taxi playing to Maria, Tyrone and Fiz "Don't it always seem to go when you don't know what you've got till it's gone"

Drill Sargeant award:
Tracy will either knock Peter back on the wagon or drive him to drink even faster.

Scheming cow award: Maria.

Lines of the week:
Tracy "I was born to rock the boat!"
Steph about Peter "He is a car crash and the way he's going, he won't make it to 50"
Chesney about Beth's case "If that thing pops it'll bring the plane down"
Chesney to Beth "You look" (that's not helpful)
Beth "Latvia and bust!"
Todd to Maria "You've been dumped so many times I'm surprised you're not wearing a bin liner"
Peter "It'sh complicated"
Todd to Tyrone "You used to get beat up by a girl and now you prove how tough you are by starting fights in pubs" (not accepting the apology graciously, is he?)
Peter "That's for me to know and you to find out, Rob" (what are you, 5?)
Marcus to Todd "I'm scared of you" (You should be)
Sean "Never in a million years could I touch an udder"
Todd "Mum, would you make me a bacon sarnie?" Eileen "Would you like me to peel you a grape at the same time?" (that's a no, then?)
Tracy "You're a raging alcoholic, not a vampire"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Mechanic of the year award: Really would Tyrone who not so long ago was far too busy to have kept up with the paperwork at the back street garage where they must be glad of any work, disappear off for an afternoon for a walk in the park with Maria? He goes off cuddling his ex in the Park and then expects Fizz to trust him? I know he is a bit thick but even so!!??

Lost kids award: Where exactly were Ruby and Hope while Fizzogg was having her little strop and moving next door?? They seem to be constantly air brushed out while their parents are in the pub. Corrie writers like creating pregnancies but cannot seem to deal with those children after they are born.

Stony broke award: So despite the constant bleating we have had to ensure from the Windarms about their ‘poor’ situation over past weeks they still manage to turn up yet again for a drink in the Rovers – ridiculous.

Will definitely go pear shaped award: I thought Tony was supposed to be a smart and shrewd character – would he really tempt fate by shouting his mouth off and “celebrating” the buying of the yard just on a handshake? No paperwork done or solicitors even instructed. Doh!

Sardines award. Why would five adults be so desperate to live with sourpuss Mummy Eileen in a tiny two up two down terrace? They are all working and you would think would want some independence and space. The scene with them all squabbling in the front room/kitchen was farcical and why on earth would a professional like Marcus want to doss down there? Sean cuddling his cushion on the settee is now a joke in our house.

Employee of the year award: That anyone would want to employ Gail who looks and acts half bonkers after the whole Street knew she broke the confidentiality agreement at the GPs and would without doubt snoop and gossip at the gym is stretching credibility to past breaking point. I really cannot stand this character and would buy a drink for any producer that had the gumption to kill her off.

Muriel Ducks said...

My nominations this week:
Lovely moment - Jason thanking Eileen beautifully written/acted.
Count your children - Eileen, Todd can be unpleasant but he is her son & Sean (also unpleasant) is not!
Thinest Ice - Peter to Tina (Carla in room) "Do you fancy me or something?"

Have to agree with Frosty on space in these houses Eileen, Chesney (even before Fiz & Hope) these ar two bedroom houses - Gail has three bedrooms but even that is tight.

Shan said...

My husband and I had a long discussion yesterday about why and how they are fitting so many people in one house.

Totally agree with Frosty about the lost kids - I'm always wondering when people come in the pub where their kids are. The child minders? So they can go to the pub? Poor Aunty Emily, she never seems to get out of the house anymore because she's busy looking after kids.


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