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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Who kills Tina? All the news, spoilers, pics, interviews, poll and gossip

This Blog post contains all of our news and spoilers, pictures and previews about the Who Kills Tina? storyline on Coronation Street.

Tuesday 27 May - Preview - Tina's left for dead

In pics: Tina McIntyre's life on Coronation Street

First pic of Tina after fall from builder's yard

Bookies stop taking bets on Who Kills Tina after monster bet on Tony Stewart

ITV rules out Tracy Barlow as Tina's killer

ITV to screen 'Farewell Tina' special programme

Who kills Tina? Vote in our poll

Our blogger Emma's visit to the Who Kills Tina? press conference 

Change of schedule for Who Kills Tina? week

Watch the four endings that ITV have filmed

Read all about the four suspects in Tina's death.

See Tina's death scenes - in Lego! 

Interview with Michelle Keegan

Pic: Tina falls to her death - or has she been pushed? 

Inside Soap magazine release four covers of Tina's suspect killers

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Leutenant Columbo said...

Its Tony. Columbo says:

Much has been made of Tony buying the builders yard. Tony is a dangerous man and should not be crossed. Tina falls from the builders yard balcony. Tina has clocked his dealings with his dodgy gear that was conveniently carried out in the middle of the Street in broad daylight. She will threaten to tell and he will silence her forever. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

The murder of Lucy in Eastenders had such a slick marketing campaign and trailer behind it. Ssdly, the corrie poster and publicity so far looks like something done by an amateur for a youtube channel.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a stuck up EastEnders fan. Only one of them would proclaim how great EastEnders is. Go back to your overhyped trash, this is a Coronation Street Blog.

Tvor said...

Play nice.

And Lt. Columbo, I totally agree and have been saying so for weeks!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree it's Tony but what's not clear is why Tina should be so keen to shop them. There may have one or two lines about her feelings towards dodgy gear but nothing to suggest she would confront a hard man like Tony.

Talia said...

Tina's personality type is confrontational;when she thinks she's right, she has no problem saying so, boldly and sometimes threateningly.
She's also become over the weeks very controlling, she's no stranger to Tony, sees him everyday across the bar, probably wouldn't cross her mind that she couldn't handle him, and if she can do something to negatively impact Tracy's business, all the better.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! 15 links about Tina's death! Wow, what will people talk about when she is gone? I believe this is in the realm of overkill now.

Anonymous said...

Talia, I think that is an excellent summation of Tin'a character.

Anonymous said...


Talia said...

Thank you Anonymous 17:12.
When I think of Tina, I think of how she so often offers her unsolicited opinion and goes out of her way sometimes to do this.
I don't think she's ever met her match, which makes her feel dangerously empowered, at least in this case.
Whoever 'dunnit' you can be sure she's opened her mouth just once too often.


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