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Thursday 29 May 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 29 May

Coronation Street, THURSDAY 29TH MAY 2014
THE FINGER OF SUSPICION POINTS AT ONE RESIDENT As Rita and David keep a vigil at Tina’s bedside, one resident’s life is about to fall apart. But who do the police suspect is behind Tina’s attack?
THE WINDASS CLAN DEMAND ANSWERS FROM ANNA Izzy and Katy realise there’s something seriously wrong when Owen tells a clearly upset Anna that he needs to get away. They demand to know what’s going on. Will she confess to her shameful act?
KAL DOESN’T WANT TO KEEP HIS SECRET ANY LONGER Kal’s disappointed when Leanne tells him that they must keep their relationship under wraps for now as Simon’s already upset over Tina and Peter.
ELSEWHERE Steph’s spent the night at Luke’s flat, unable to face going home after what happened to Tina.

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Anonymous said...

Um, guys? Don't you think you should call her mother? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth Tyronne and Fizz at Tina's bedside? They were never that chummy were they?

It never ceases to amaze me that Corrie characters spend hours sitting at a friend's bedside. Who has that kind of time?

abbyk said...

Anon 13:04, Tina let them meet in her flat during Kirstie's reign of terror. Don't remember how they became friends before that, other than her job at the Rovers

Hung Hoon Ho said...

Kal Four Eyes Doesnt Want to Keep His Secret Any Longer - Hold the Front Page! Who flamin cares? The character is just boring I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

I also wondered why Tyrone and Fiz are at Tina's bedside?It wasn't so long ago that the garage almost went under because Tyrone was behind in paperwork due to always looking after Roy and Hayley and now he's going to neglect the garage for Tina?I also think Fiz could lose her job supporting her boss' husband' mistress.As for David,he's married and shouldn't be at the beside of his ex-girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

As to when and how the friendship between Tina and Tyrone started, I believe that she and Tommy roomed with Tyrone up until the time Kirsty moved in, at which point Kirsty became jealous of Tina, pursued a vendetta, and forced a wedge between Tina and Tyrone. When Kirsty's behaviour became abusive, Tina and Fiz were Tyrone's main supporters on the street.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, For what it's worth, I don't think Kirsty was jealous of Tina per se but it Tina who didn't like Kirsty moving in because that would mean she would have to move out and not be the center of attention with Tommy. Interestingly enough Tina and Tyrone seemed to have drifted apart as friends when he accused her of being like Kirsty when she wouldn't let Gary or Izzy see Jake after he was born just like Kirsty kept Tyrone from Ruby. Coupled with the fact he too was betrayed by his first wife Molly,it looks odd that Ty would want to be at Tina's beside despite her affair with Perer.

Anonymous said...

Tina stayed with tryone at his flat...if you watch closely u will and wouldve known this!!!

Just saying said...

Yeah Kirsty was jealous of Tina. She did not like that she walked around the house in skimpy clothes. Also she resented their relationship - Tina and Tyrone were good friends.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 20:47 Although Ty might not approve of Tina's affair with Peter, he's still a loyal friend and probably waiting to hear her version of the story - the same way she did when everyone thought he was beating Kirsty. Also, Rita was not best pleased to learn about Tina's affair, but she's doing bedside vigil too.


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