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Sunday 25 May 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards: May 19 - 23

Puppy Love award: Kal looks like a lost puppy when he looks at Leanne.

Little pitchers big ears award: Steph took Rob and Tracy's conversation about Carla and Peter straight back to Tina.

Penny drops award: Tyrone finally realized Maria's been manipulating him, minutes before Fiz calls Maria's phone and he realizes she was behind it all. leading to...

Skiving award: Peter and Carla take the afternoon off. The whole factory walks out early.

David Bowie award: Peter's Under Pressure. An ultimatum is not the best way forward. He gets the Pity Party award, too.

Modus Operandi Indeed award: LOVED Izzy putting Sally in her place in the factory!

Red Cape to a Bull: Tracy really knows how to push someone's buttons doesn't she? She sure had Tina over the bar with that remark about her father.

Welcome Back award: I don't know where Liz has been, but she made a welcome and cracking return when she told Tina off well and proper.

Pants on Fire award: Peter totally did not mean that promise to run away with her tomorrow.

Lines of the week:
Tina to Tracy "The only thing that confuses me is how you find the time to be a complete and utter bitch" Tracy "I set my alarm early" (I hate Tracy. But that was a top retort!)
Tracy, never one to rest on her laurels "You're about as good a barmaid as your dad was a swimmer" (snort!)
Peter "Even Kirk's going to seem like stimulating company"
Tracy to Rob "You're like Norris's mini-me"
Rob "Tracy Lynnette Barlow giving a damn about what people think." Tracy "And actually, I don't give a damn. I just want to rub people's noses in it" (and they aren't taking the bait!)
David about Maria "She's about as scary as an Arctic Roll"
Tina on her plan "There's some fine tuning we need to do"
Tony "You've got the mouth, but have you got the bottle?"
Gail about Alton Towers theme park "There's a ride there named after me. Gailanator. Scariest Ride there!" (not surprised)
Sally "Mrs. Barlow's just given me a cake. It's a bit embarassing when you're the boss's favourite" (Sally does make me laugh!)
Gail "A conjuror does tricks, Mr. Nazir. I do solid, hard graft"

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Dilly Daydream said...

I know nearly everyone hates Tracy Barlow on here, but I really love her with Rob.

And honestly, she really does get some of the best lines!

Really really sick of Peter and Tina, the sooner they both do one, the better. Pity we can't say the same about Fiz!

Anonymous said...

Yes I am surprisingly rooting for Rob and Tracy, despite her being a cold blooded killer. Peter is driving me up the wall, he is such a weak pathetic individual, has no edge to him. How the mighty have fallen considering he laughed how Rob was dumped by Tracy a few months ago.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Pride comes before a fall. The reason Tracy is seemingly on top of the world, pouring venom everywhere, is that she's going to crash in a heap during the murder storyline. I bet a pound to a penny the wedding doesn't come off, and the business goes bust. That's why Tracy has been more vile than usual so that we can eventually say that justice has been done - partly, anyway.

Just to set my own record straight, I don't love to hate Tracy. What I did love about Corrie was that you could recognise characters in people you knew. Tracy has long since lost that authenticity. Peter was once a good example of how adult children can still blame their parents for anything that goes wrong in their lives. Tracy, in recent years, has only been a panto character, like Terry Duckworth might have been if he'd stayed. When Tracy made her remark about Tina's father, I groaned. But then a sense of humour is highly subjective. I don't find some edgy stand-up comics hilarious, although they seem to draw the audiences.

Anonymous said...

Dilly Daydream, I like Rob and Tracy too. In a way he's actually good for her and better yet he genuinely likes Amy which is more than I can say for Tina who used Simon to get to his father.
I would like to add a 'Reality Check' reward for Tina forbelieving that Peter will leave his family behind for her and that she'll finally get her 'happy ending'.

Shan said...

I don't care much for Tracy but I do love that when other characters are giving it to her, she just plays along. The "I set my alarm early" line was fantastic.


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